It’s not easy being a single mother and it’s no picnic for the guy who’s in love her in “The Single Moms Club,” the latest chick flick from Tyler Perry, and William Levy are keeping their relationship a secret from her daughter which only complicates life even more.

Five women raising kids on their own form a support group in Tyler Perry’s “The Single Moms Club.” Zulay Henao is Esperanza, one of those moms.

She told Deco the story hit home.

Zulay Henao: “You know my parents were divorced when I was 14 so I had…and my father was involved in my life so it wasn’t like it was just my mother, but I did understand and really see her struggle more clearly.”

William Levy, who went to high school here in Miami, plays Manny, the hunky bartender in love with Esperanza but he has to hide his feelings from her kid. Levy’s got a good reason why you should see the film.

William Levy: “Because it shows sometimes how hard it is to make a decision but how good it can be you know.”

Tyler perry wrote and directed “The Single Moms Club.” He also found time to act in it, too in men’s clothes.

Working with Mr. Perry was a definite plus if women can have a single moms club, then the same thing can work for guys, right?

Zulay Henao: “Yeah, man why not I think guys should get together not because of this but probably to…how to become a better father a better man in life.”

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, “the Single Moms Club” was shot on South Beach. Where would many take Esperanza to show her a night no single mom would forget?

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