The Sessions

Forgive me Father I wanna sin at least, this guy does, in "The Sessions."The movie is indeed about sex, but not the typical kind.Shireen: "Can you sum it up for me in a phrase?"WILLIAM H. MACY: "A guy with a disability wants to know what it's like to be with a woman. That's the long and short of it."Oscar nominated actor, William H. Macy who was born in the 305. WILLIAM H. MACY: "I've got family all over Florida." Shireen: "They'll be watching. Hi family!"WILLIAM H. MACY: "Hi everyone."Plays an unusal, to say the least, priest. Shireen: "He's not your common priest." WILLIAM H. MACY: "I hope the Catholic church likes this movie, and likes my priest. The question is.."father I'd like to have sex out of wedlock and I have to pay for it, is that okay with you? and that's NOT easy"Shireen: "That was a really good moment, because you turned around and said to him, I think god is going to give you a free pass on this one."The movie is based on a real person.WILLIAM H. MACY: "What makes this so lovely is that the guy mark obrien, even though he could not move from the chin down, he put himself through berkely, he was a successful writer, and a poet… he wrote some articles that's where this came from." And even though the topics are let's say, um, uncomfortable.WILLIAM H. MACY: "It's got 2 issues imparticular that make Americans want to go run and hide. Let's talk about disabilities and let's talk about sex."It's incredible to watch. I actually wept. Don't tell anyone. WILLIAM H. MACY: "It has such depth on what it means to be a human. that's why you wept and I wept when i saw it."So, does the film reach its climax?  I'd say yes. And this time, I would't be faking it.   Shireen: "I enjoyed the movie so much and I'm looking forward to seeing it nominated for an Oscar." WILLIAM H. MACY: "I am, too."