WSVN — OK, brace yourself. This story is not for the kids, the faint of heart, or the sexually shy. 7’s Lynn Martinez tells us about the O-Shot.

Many of us don’t even want to say the word out loud.

Sarah: "I think women just don’t like to talk about sex."

Which is why many women suffer in silence when their bodies change with age.

Natalia: "For me, being 44, it’s like, Yes! I want to still enjoy my life and have fulfillment in my life."

But one South Florida doctor says women need to speak up.

Dr. Lisbeth Roy: "Women aren’t loud enough with their dissatisfaction with their sexual response."

Dr. Lisbeth Roy is a sexual pioneer of sorts.

At Doctor’s Studio in Boca Raton, she’s one of the first doctors in the U.S. to offer women the O-Shot. And you know what the "O" stands for.   

Dr. Lisbeth Roy: "The O-Shot is using the regenerative power of platelet rich plasma derived from your own blood, to re-stimulate the sexual response."

Keep listening.

Dr. Lisbeth Roy: "To improve sensitivity, intensity of orgasm, lubrication, all of those things are necessary for satisfying sex."

So the O-Shot helps with the act. And, yes, it’s a shot.

Lynn Martinez: "Where is the shot administered?"

Dr. Lisbeth Roy: "There are two locations."

Lynn Martinez: "Oh, good!"

Dr. Lisbeth Roy: "One is in the vaginal wall, inter vaginal, and the other in the clitoris."

Lynn Martinez: "Ahhh! Yeah…"

Dr. Lisbeth Roy: "The clitoris is a bundle of nerves and it needs to be stimulated."

Lynn Martinez: "It needs to be left alone!"

The shot is the only way to get the plasma to your special place where it reverses the signs of aging.

Dr. Lisbeth Roy: "This is not something like Botox where your body metabolizes it. We’re actually encouraging your body to regenerate. There’s a cellular change that occurs."

Dr. Roy says things will start percolating pretty quickly.

Dr. Lisbeth Roy: "Within the first week you feel some activity. You feel increased arousal."

The procedure uses your own body by first taking your blood.

Dr. Lisbeth Roy: "We took all that blood and we have all the platelets from the blood in this little sample."

But does it work? Natalia had the shot six months ago.

Natalia: "I definitely felt more sensation right away, like, now it’s alive. Something is happening! It’s alive!"

She says the $1,500 price tag is worth it.

Natalia: "It was so much more intense, so much more intense, like, I was asleep all these years. How come I forgot it was supposed to feel like this?"  

Sarah’s response was almost immediate as well.  

Sarah: "I felt tighter, I felt everything. I definitely want to have it again."

Dr. Roy recommends women get the O-Shot once a year.

Sarah: "Why shouldn’t we be having the best sex we possibly can?"

Since the shot uses your own blood, Dr. Roy says there are no known side affects other than a bit of tenderness the first few days.

Doctors Studio
2300 Glades Road, 
Suite 260 West
Boca Raton, FL 33431
(561) 444-7751

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