The Hobbit

The museum is actually starting screenings tonight of the Hobbit, before the movie opens Friday. Tickets are still available. Now we finally get to learn how Hobbits and dwarfs became friends and how a ring changed their lives. You know i've always wondered about that!?

This Peter Jackson film is the prequel to "The Lord Of The Rings" trilogy.

60 years before the fellowship of the Ring, A Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, set out on a grand adventure. The Hobbit himself, Martin Freeman has the deets.

MARTIN FREEMAN: "The Hobbit" the story of a Hobbit. Bilbo baggins who is ripped out of his comfort zone goes on an amazing adventure to find out who he really is kills…is nearly killed and does it all in the name of camaraderie and a selfless act of trying to get the dwarfs homeland back."

Geez…that seems easy you'd never know the book that started it all was over 300 pages

MARTIN FREEMAN: "A lot of people haven't read it as well. I want them to go and see it. i haven't read the hobbit growing up. it should stand as a film on its own. and i think it does."

Bilbo teams up with dwarfs and the leader of these merry men is thorin played by Richard Armitage

RICHARD ARMITAGE: "Thorin was a prince who was once the heir to the throne of during has spent a long time in exile and he's re-built a kingdom."

The Hobbit and the dwarfs are brought together by the wizard Gandalf the gray, played by Sir Ian Mckellen.

IAN MCKELLEN: "Gandolf the gray is the character you meet in fellowship of the ring. the first of the trilogy. he is the character peter jackson and i prefer."

Sir Ian reprised his role as Gandolf, and filling the big pointed wizard hat was like seeing an old friend again.

IAN MCKELLEN: "He still cares about ppl he wants ppl to be safe he loses his temper sometimes. he likes to drink. he likes to smoke he likes to go to a party sometimes and let off a few fireworks. its a nice variety."

This time in middle earth one hobbit, a wizard and 13 dwarfs are a force to be reckoned with.