Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock are reluctant partners in "The Heat." Together they try to track down a drug lord through any means necessary.

Now this guy had a professional stunt double to take the fall. But I'm sad to report, one actor was harmed in the making of this movie.

Melissa's bad-ass street cop character comes storming in and hurls a phone book at a suspect played by Michael MaCdonald.

MELISSA MCCARTHY: "And I opened it up and I held the spine coz I thought, 'Oh it'll catch air, and kind of slow down.'"

No special effects here, it's as painful as it looks.

MELISSA MCCARTHY: "My reasoning was throw it as hard as you can and it will probably catch more air and flop more."

Later, our hot cops go undercover in a club and Melissa has to uncover Sandra. Wardrobe had nothing to do with this. The director just gave Melissa a pair of shears and said, 'Have at it.'

So will Sandra let Mel dress her for the Oscars this year?

SANDRA BULLOCK: "She'd be amazing. She has great taste. This is what she studied. She studied design. She could. I just might."

"The Heat" opens Friday. And who uses phone books anymore, besides for throwing 'em at people?

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