The Great Gatsby – Tobey Maguire

Move over hard and agressive because the double g is svelt and smooth. Just like actor Tobey Mcguire. Tonight I box jump, power clean and snatch my way into the interview room — all in a tight dress and push up bra. Go big or go home. I'm pretty sure that's what director Baz Luhrman was thinking when he filmed his interpretation of F. Scott fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby." TOBEY MAGUIRE: "Baz really wanted to create something new – I think the way he layers the images and sounds, gives you a different kind of cinematic experience."Tobey Maguire stars as Nick Carraway – Gatsby's narrator. And he's come a long way spidey — out of his cobweb to help weave a beautiful story. He plays his character strong but vunerable with goodness & grace – wow I sound like a movie critic. Baz – Leo – Carey even Kraft services agrees. Shireen: "I just thought it was delicious"TOBEY MAGUIRE: "Ahhh delicious…" Shireen: "Delicious."TOBEY MAGUIRE: "I love that."Wait no – I was talking about the movie, not the turkey on rye. It's like taking a visual bite out of a juicy apple, with chocolate in the middle. That would technically be scrump-deli-licous like all things Miami. Shireen: "We love pool parties, we love decadence. It's pretty much our lifestyle is. I like your word delicious, but it is pretty much a visual feast and an auditory feast."The story about long suffering love, a scandalous affair or two, and being spoiled rotten with riches – and a lot of gin martinis – just never grows old and it doesn't even need botox.Shireen: "What is it, do you think that makes the great Gatsby such a timeless story?"TOBEY MAGUIRE: "To me it's like an examination and almost like a warning for us to not get caught up in the ideas of success – to be more connected to personal success."Sounds like they need Instagram, Facebook & Twitter to me.TOBEY MAGUIRE: "It really is rich and lush but grounded in great characters, and amazing language."Go see this movie for the glamour and fun of it all — and you're sure to have a Gatsby of a good time.