The Great Gatsby – Leo Dicaprio

If you're longing for romance let "The Great Gatsby" sweep you away. The fab film is based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's book from the 20's: And for star Leo Dicaprio — this story never grows old. Shireen: "Why do you think it's so timeless? It seems to resonate."LEO DICAPRIO: "It really does. It's one of those classic bits of literature that was very indictive of a certain time period of our country a time of great excess and wealth." Dicaprio stars as Jay Gatsby. As usual, he leaves no stone un-turned – he convinces you of Gatsby's pain, sincerity, even — his fashion sense. Shireen: "Did you enjoy the fashions? You can work a pink suit." LEO DICAPRIO: "That was one of the hardest things to pull off. I'm not a huge fashionista – when I'm out of these suits, for press, I really dress like a schulb. But to be able to be on those sets, and to see the meticulous care they did, not just for recreating the 1920's but every single element of every extra. it was incredibly meticulous an well though-out."The story? Gatsby lives the American dream by becoming a wealthy business man. Then he sets out to find the love of his life – that he left behind. That's when things get complicated. The film drips with bedazzlement it features fabulous fashion, music and it reminds me of Miami.Shireen: "We love our parties, we love our decadence."LEO DICAPRIO: "Oh, they'll love the parties in this. These are some of the most epic parties ever filmed. In cinematic history. Dare I say."For me, the film has shades of Moulin Rouge mixed with a little bugsy and a dash of LA Confidential. LEO DICAPRIO: "To have someone like Baz Luhrman who is a bit of a Gatsby himself do this novel, was an amazing experience. It really was."Gatsby will give you love, sex, power and money. Always my top elements for a great movie or my typical Friday night.