The Great Gatsby – Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan shines bright, like the star she is in the new movie "The Great Gatsby."The Oscar nominated actress – plays the beautiful & whispy Daisy – who finds herself in a love traingle: Torn between her husband and her first love – Jay Gatsby. CAREY MULLIGAN: "I think the love story is completely timeles."The movie that's based on F. Scott fitzgerald's book – is an assault on the senses. Shireen: "There are the parties, the costumes, the music it's like Ican't choose one thing."CAREY MULLIGAN: "I saw the whole thing finished two days ago for the first time, and there is so much to take in. The music is amazing,  the dancers in the film."Shireen: "I love the dancers, too"CAREY MULLIGAN: "The professional dancers. Especially in that nightclub scene, the underground club scene is amazing."And the fashions?Shireen: "The clothes for me were just delicious."CAREY MULLIGAN: "I had so many favorite outfits, and so many things that we tried on that i loved so much. I wore a dress right at the end of the film in this big scene at the plaza and that was my favorite."Carey isn't just showing her talent on the big screen. This month in honor of Gatsby – she radiates beauty and warmth on the cover of my fashion bible.Shireen: "I'm really geeked out about your vogue cover!"CAREY MULLIGAN:  "Oh cool."Shireen: "Beautiful"CAREY MULLIGAN: "I always have surreal moments with things like that, where I'm like, 'Oh gosh, I'm on the cover of vogue, how did that happen?"Carey admits fame, fortune and living in fantasy land on the big screen iss a dream come true. BTW, the entire Gatsby movie was filmed in Australia. Shireen: "Were you able to enjoy yourself at all in Australia?"CAREY MULLIGAN: "Yeah we had a good time, we were there a long time. We worked a lot. Just the hours we worked we had one day off a week and we would all just sort of flop down on the sofa. we didn't get to do as much in Sydney as I would have liked, but we had a good time."Even though Carey loved the crew and her fellow cast mates –  it was director Baz Luhrman she fell in love with. Shireen: "What was your experience like doing this epic movie and story with him?" "The Great Gatsby" is in theatres now.