"The Croods" a new 3D animated comedy adventure is the story of the world's first modern family starring nice cage as Grug & Emma stone as eep.Before their cave cracks up from a catostrophic event they meet a guy named, uh, guy voiced by Ryan reynolds.RYAN REYNOLDS: "When Guy meets "The Croods" they are cavies. People that live in caves. Cavemen. There motto is never NOT be afraid. Guy's the kind of person who has been a lone his entire life. he's been forced to adapt and evolve."RYAN REYNOLDS: "He has to save their lives. The world is about to end and he's right about that and he has to get to this place called "Tomorrow" which isn guy's mind  it's this place that is perfect."Shireen: "That was perfect. that was a sound bite. now i can go home and rest." RYAN REYNOLDS: "I have Jeff Katzenberg on line one."The movie took three years to make. Ryan admits at first the animation looked.RYAN REYNOLDS: "This is dream works people! come on! and suddenly. A year later, it's exploding off the screen. it's the most amazing thing I've ever seen."Forced to find a new way of life guy shows the croods a whole new world. One filled with firsts.Shireen: "I love the part, because I'm superficial and from Miami, about the shoes! there are so many firsts."Shireen: "Hysterical, what first did you like the most?"RYAN REYNOLDS: "The first hug i think is probably the most emotional." Shireen: "I like that one, too."EMMA STONE: "Grugg has that entire scene when he's coming up with new ideas." RYAN REYNOLDS: "That's one of my favorite parts of the movie."First love, first hug, first pet, first shoe the list goes on last — you're gonna love it. I did and I like my shoes, too.

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