The Big Chill

WSVN — Here in hot South Florida we really don't know much about the cold but step inside this booth for several minutes, and your teeth will surely chatter.

Hillary Jones Neeld-Fitness model: "I find myself shivering."

Hillary Jones Neeld is training for a fitness competition and she can't afford to let an injury hold her back.

Hillary Jones Neeld: "About a month ago, I had runner's knee just from impact, where it has been very sore and kinda weak. So I've been icing it four and five times a day for 20 minutes, which is a lot of time."

To recover faster, she's been using what's called whole body Cryotherapy, similar to ice baths or ice packs. The machine uses extreme cold to treat injuries.

Dr. Steven Gorin: "The difference between this and an ice bath is this takes two or three minutes treatment, takes your body down to a really cold temperature. It almost gets you to 32 degrees."

Here's how it works: You step inside the chamber wearing only underwear and socks.

Rob Socol: "You must wear socks, you could get frostbite on your feet."

The chamber fills with bursts of nitrogen and while you grin and bear it for about three minutes, the cold does the work.

Dr. Steven Goran: "It's cooling everything down and decreases the inflammation that you have. When you step out of the machine, your body's natural response is to increase blood flow so it helps alleviate the pain and discomfort you feel."

Hillary jumps in the chamber twice a week.

Hillary Jones Neeld: "I was able to do stuff with my knee that I haven't been able to do in a long time. This is the only change I've made in trying to heal this injury."

Not that we want to bring this up but during the Miami Heat's run to the NBA Championship in 2011some of the Dallas Mavericks' players used a full body Cryotherapy machine.

Rob Socol: "They were actually using the machine when the Dallas Mavericks played Miami Heat to recover faster. It helped them defeat the Heat a couple years ago."

NFL free agent Kennard Cox, who grew up in South Miami has been using the machine to get better results on the football field.

Kennard Cox: "Making sure that my body is ready and prepared, that's the key, making sure that you're recovering fast and that you're training hard."

He says the Cryotherapy is much better than the ice baths most athletes have to suffer through.

Kennard Cox: "You're afraid of staph infections. People don't like cold and people don't like to be in there a long period of time."

And as for his recovery?

Kennard Cox: "Recovery is three times faster. I'm pushing myself to the max every day and this is a piece of my success."

A big chill doctors believe could also help patients with many types of chronic injuries.

There are different packages you can choose from and the machine is also being used to help with weight loss and to give skin a healthy boost.


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