WSVN — Cooking a Thanksgiving meal is a snap with our first app. Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach gives you all the tools to make a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Just pick the recipies you want, and the app makes a shopping list and gives you a timeline for when to prepare each dish so you won't get overloaded on the big day.

Simple step by step instructions are guaranteed to help you cook up the tastiest Thanksgiving meal ever.

While you're waiting for the yams to bake, how about a turkey hunt. Turkey Blast: Reloaded is a fun arcade-style game that lets you hunt your turkey with a weapon of your choice.

Tilt to aim and fire away to bag your main course. Change weapons, targets, backgrounds and more using the prizes you unlock. During dinner, you might want to serve up a little trivia with the cranberry sauce.

Amaze your guests with Interesting Thanksgiving Facts like Ben franklin almost made the turkey our national bird. The first Macy's Thankgiving day parade was held in 1924 Or you can annoy them with tidbits like the average person consumes 4,500 calories on turkey day. Save your favorites and impress our friends with your app-etite or Thanksgiving trivia

Craig Stevens: "And we're thankful that all of today's Thanksgiving apps are free.


Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach

Turkey Blast: Reloaded

Interesting Thanksgiving Facts

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