WSVN — One big holiday down and many more to go. It’s that time of the year, a time to give and a time to be thankful. A few South Floridians were on Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser, and tonight they are back to tell what happened after their stories aired.

In the wild, Ruby would just be a parrot, but in Julia’s home, she is precious.

Julia Berkovsky: "She grew in our hands and became a part of us. My son, 6-year-old Gregory, he loves her."

Then about a year ago, Julia says she made a mistake. When she let this woman, Debbie Carney, take care of Ruby for a few days, and could not get Ruby back.

Julia Berkovsky: "I felt devastated. I was crying for two hours."

We went by to talk to Carney. She showed us Ruby and said Julia gave her the parrot.

Debbie Carney: "There was no bird taken from Julia."

Carney then disappeared with Ruby. Our story aired. it exploded on Facebook, where people told Julia that Carney was seen with Ruby in Utah.

Julia Berkovsky: "In Salt Lake City, Utah."

Julia hired an attorney, who got a court order, and police in Utah went in.

Julia Berkovsky: "Broke the door and found my Ruby out there."

Julia surprised her family when she brought Ruby home.

Julia Berkovsky: "My son actually woke up this morning, he saw the bird and started ‘happy Ruby dance.’"

It took many people from many states to find Ruby, and it started after Julia was on Help Me Howard.

Julia Berkovsky: "You guys done the huge part."

Valencia didn’t gain anything, but she got to keep what she wanted: this Hillary Clinton sign.

Valencia Morris: "So I decided to put it in my front window that was inside of my home, right next to the ADT sticker."

But her homeowners association said she could not have the sign inside her own home. After she was on Help Me Howard, the association changed their minds and Valencia got to keep her sign.

Valencia Morris: "Associations are good, but not when they are over-exaggerating when it comes to you just expressing your support."

Lazaro could certainly use a little support.

Lazaro Gutierrez: "He is deaf, blind and mute. I have raised him by myself with the help of my mom, thank God."

Life is difficult for Joey, but Lazaro says he is remarkable.

Lazaro Gutierrez: "He’s taught me everything I know. He is my hero."

But the hero needed help with a transportation company paid each day to bring him home from the learning center.

First they dropped him at a gas station. Then, after that, left him out on the street near his house, where the gate was locked.

Lazaro Gutierrez: "My son could have been killed that day walking down the street. He’s deaf, blind and mute. He can’t see where he is going."

Then our story aired. The transportation company fired the driver, but Lazaro was still so furious he threatened to sue the company. Before it got to court, they settled.

Lazaro Gutierrez: "We got something, and at this point it’s a blessing. And by the way, you guys are awesome."

Joey is now in the holiday spirit. Your favorite thing, young man?

Joey Gutierrez: "Eaaaa, eaaaa, eaaaa (eat)."

Joey signals an eating gesture and then snaps his mouth.

Lazaro Gutierrez: "His favorite holidays is the holiday that comes with food, happiness and love. You include those three together and you can’t loose."

Joey and Lazaro. Two wonderful people.

Lazaro Gutierrez: "God is good and Joey is happy. Right, Joey?"

Joey, have a great holiday season and a wonderful Christmas, with a lot of food before during and after.

We get to meet a lot of people doing Help Me Howard, and when you meet people like Joey and Lazaro and see how grateful they are despite their hurdles, it makes us realize how blessed and lucky we are.

A problem left you squeaking? Wishing your headache would fly the coop? Drop it off with us. We will campaign for you to get things taken care of. With this Help Me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.

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