Hey, married Miami peeps if you're thinking about cheating on your plus one. Shireen: "We like our Temptation there." Tyler Perry & Jurnee Smollett "Who hooo ahhhh"Tyler: "You're gonna love this movie in Miami."Forget church, buy a ticket to see Tyler Perry's new film "Temptation" he wrote and directed it it'll put out the fire between your legs and then some. TYLER PERRY: "I just want to raise the flag, provoke some thought. Make them go home and think, man,  If i'm tempted by this person, could this happen to me?"The movie is about a very married, small town girl played by Jurnee Smollett-Bell. She moves to the big city and gets seduced by a millionaire – liquor, drugs and designer duds, too.JURNEE SMOLLETT-BELL: "Tyler wrote this role, that is an actors dream, to have this meaty material but it can be intimidating, because you have to be able to go there."Tyler: "And she did."Shireen: "You so did."Tyler: "Brillantly"Kim Kardashian stars as a stylist. Shireen: "In Miami, we love us some Kim K. What gave you the idea to cast her?"Tyler: "You know, I had just written this role, and I thought who could do this. I was talking to the studio and some other people and they said what about Kim K? and I said let's call her up and see if she'll do it."Tyler: "I think it's very responsible of her to do it, because when you have millions of people hanging on your every move, and to be apart of something like this that speaks so positively to being tempted, i think it was really responsible."When I caught up with the cast in LA: (Tyler, Jurnee, Brandi, Robbie Jones & Lance Gross) — they confessed their temptations.Tyler: "I went through it in my 20's and 30's where I just had to have this car or that car, I'm passed it."Shireen: "You're like, I'm good, I'm done. Hopefully I can get passed my shoe addiction." Tyler: "No you probably won't. Chocolate hands down."))Brandi: "Rright now mine is shopping at free people."Robbie Jones: "Mine is food. I'm a sweets guy, like sweet potato pie, some German chocolate cake. I'm just weak, I'm just helpless."Lance Gross: "Jolly Ranchers. I got Jolly Ranchers in my pocket, right now."Better keep that Jolly Rancher to yourself. Enjoy the movie but remember — lead us not into "Temptation" deliver us from evil – I read that in a book somewhere.

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