Teen Meditation

Between studying for tests and keeping up with social media, today’s teenagers have non-stop lives. However, an ancient practice is helping them to slow down and release stress. 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us in today’s Parent To Parent.

WSVN — So take a deep breath in and then you’re going to go.

This exercise may look a little out of the ordinary but these teens are getting their frustrations out.

Jill Rapperport: “You’re going to swing your arms back and forth.”

Certified meditation instructor Jill Rapperport is teaching these stressed out teens to meditate.

Jill Rapperport: “Their lives are much more hectic than ever and they are going at a faster pace. Pressure to excel keeps them in a hyper-vigilant sort of a state.”

Jill Rapperport: And with very little time to relax and release stress and anxiety, there are consequences.

Jill Rapperport: “There’s a big void in the social emotional development of our teens.”

Jill says meditation can help by quieting the mind. First she teaches them to breathe. Then she gently taps on bowls, creating a vibrating sound that has been shown to calm the central nervous system.

Jill Rapperport: “You go into some very deeply healing states, where the body and the mind get a chance to integrate and step back.”

Jill says the practice releases feel-good chemicals in the brain, such as dopamine and serotonin.

Jill Rapperport: “When the brain settles down, your ability to actually focus and be clear thinking and make healthy choices is easy.”

Jill Rapperport: “And with every breath out, you’re letting go of worry, doubt, fear.”

Afterwards, the teens share their experience with each other. Fourteen-year-old April said it really helped her.

April Palmer: “I just really enjoy the noise and I just like to completely relax.”

Julian, a senior, said meditation helps him better deal with stress.

Julian Palmer: “I start to feel very energized but at the same time I’m very calm.”

And Calum, an 8th grader who has never tried meditation before said it made him feel very peaceful.

Calum Barrett: “Not asleep nor awake. You feel more like just there, like living.”

Lynn Martinez: Jill says teens can learn to meditate on their own, which can be really helpful before a big test.

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