Techie Camp

(WSVN) — If your kids love the latest technology there’s a camp that will keep their brains beyond busy this summer! 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us in today’s Parent to Parent.

From drifting drones to discovering worlds through virtual reality, kids ages eight to 14 can really expand their minds at the Wynwood-Maker Camp this summer.

Nelson Milian, Co-Founder, Wynwood-Maker Camp: “Basically, what we’re trying to do is integrate technology into education, because society is becoming more technologically advanced.”

Milian and Willie Avendano came up with the idea for the camp thanks to what’s called the Maker Culture.

Nelson Milian: “It’s a mix between the DIY, the do it yourself culture and then adding a little bit of technology into that.”

So, campers can sharpen their tech skills from learning 3D printing and design to exploring other galaxies through interractive content.

Willie Avendano, Co-Founder, Wynwood-Maker Camp: “To experience places or ideas. So, go on a field trip to space or go on a field trip to the Amazon.”

However, it’s not all about keyboards and computers. Kids test their team-building skills with hands-on projects, such as building a structure using pasta, string and a giant marshmellow.

Nelson Milian: “Have them think outside the box, have them be a little bit creative, think of how they want to work together, how they want to build something.”

And that’s the whole point, for kids to come up with an idea and be able to communicate it.

Nelson Milian: “If you can communicate, you can connect on that idea, then you can get more people on board.”

Fourteen-year-old Gabriel loves figuring out how things work.

Giselle Segura: “My son has been putting together and taking apart all the old appliances that we have in the house.”

After enrolling him in the camp last year, his mom saw a spark.

Giselle Segura: “He ended up finding something he was passionate about. He ended up working with 3D printing and design, he created his own website.”

Even though a lot of parents are not tech-savvy, they can’t deny it’s the future for their kids.

Leslie Gonzalez: “Technology is a part of her world and an increasingly important part.”

Leslie’s daughter Madeline is now totally into technology. She says the camp is not only fun it will give her an edge for the rest of her life.

Leslie Gonzalez: “The earlier we give our children these experience, I think the easier it is for them.”

Lynn Martinez: The camp is split up into five two-week sessions beginning in June.