Techie Apps

If you’re a techie and can’t wait for the next big thing, Craig Stevens is here now with today’s Appsolute Must-have downloads.

WSVN — Need to pay for something but you forgot your wallet at home, no problem. With “Lemon Wallet” You can say goodbye to the bulky billfold and store all your credit, ID and reward cards, securely on your phone.

Your bank info is safe with a required pin and you can remove it from your phone at any time.

Our next app helps keep your most private and pictures secure. “Keepsafe” is a vault where you can store your pics and videos where they can only be accessed with a pin pad password you select.

The app also has a safe send feature that allows you to share pictures with friends for a limited time.

If you wish upon a star but don’t know its name, “Skymap” turns your phone into a map of the sky that tells you exactly what you’re looking at.

The app can help you locate stars, planets and constellations. So next time you’re out and don’t know what your are looking at just take out your phone.

All of today’s apps are free to download.