WSVN — Tammy Crider was a fun-loving teenager from Louisville, Kentucky.

Sharon Mills: "She was kind of like a tomboy. She liked to climb trees and ride mini bikes. She liked sports. She liked to go camping, fishing."

It was 1983, Tammy then decided to join a girlfriend who suggested they go on vacation to South Florida.

Sharon Mills: "She'd never been anywhere, Florida anything, so I thought, yea, you can go have a good time."

What Sharon didn't know is who Tammy would wind up hanging out with.

Donna Velasquez, Pembroke Pines Police: "Tammy came down to South Florida with an Outlaws Motorcycle gang member by the name of David Hugh Walker Jr."

In the 80's, the outlaws were a notorious motorcycle gang, some members were called "one percenters" because police say they were killers and forced women into prostitution. The biker Tammy met was one of the "one percenters."

Sharon Mills: "He was known for running guns. He would run drugs. He was into prostitution."

On New Years Eve in 1983, Tammy and Walker were pulled over by police, their car contained several illegal machine guns, both Tammy and Walker were arrested and jailed. The Outlaws came to bail them out.

Donna Velasquez: "And the deputies that day say that when Tammy was bailed out it seemed to them that those gang members were being rather rough with her."

Tammy didn't realize it, but she was as good as dead, because she was seen as a witness against the criminals.

Sharon Mills: "Gonna have to go to court, potentially gonna have to testify."

A week later, Tammy's body was found in the woods in Pembroke Pines. The killers shot her in the head and burned her body so no one could identify her, but police did from a tattoo on her ankle.

Sharon Mills: "My ex-husband got a call at work and they told him that our daughter had been murdered, so he came home and he told me and fell to the floor and couldn't believe it."

David Walker was questioned by police, there wasn't enough evidence to charge him, but detective Velasquez says that doesn't change one fact.

Donna Velasquez: "I believe that David Hugh Walker Jr. is responsible for the death of Tammy Crider."

The day after Tammy's body was found 70 yards away, an officer found the gun that killer her and another body that had been shot and burned just like Tammy, that man has never been identified.

Donna Velasquez: "So, within a day's time, we have two homicide victims, which their homicides share very similar characteristics and they have been investigated simultaneously since 1984."

The man was about 5 feet 4 inches, in his late 20's or early 30's with brown hair. He has never been identified. His family has no idea what happened to him. BSO forensic artist Catyana Sawyer hopes her picture will help someone identify him.

Catyana Sawyer, BSO Forensic Artist: "We put the images up on websites as well, so hopefully there are people never stop looking, you know, if it's someone you love they'll never stop looking, it doesn't matter if it's 10, 20 or 30 years."

Nearly 27 years ago, Tammy was allegedly killed by the bikers, so was this fellow. Detective Velasquez cannot talk to Walker to see if he might have had accomplices in the murders because he died in jail, but she is convinced Walker did not act alone.

Donna Velasquez: "I need to know, 100 percent sure that he was the only one involved because if there was anybody else- I want to know who it is."

Tammy thought she was coming to South Florida for a vacation. Who knows what this fellow thought or who he left behind.

If you were afraid to say something in the 80's, time has passed, you can talk now. If you know something about Tammy Crider's murder and if you think you might recognize this face, give Broward Crimestoppers a call. And if you have lost a loved one. If you are still out for justice, give us a call.

Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers: 305-471-TIPS (8477)Out For Justice: 305-598-HELP (4357) in Miami-Dade or 954-796-HELP (4357) in Broward

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