WSVN — At some Chili’s restaurants you don’t have to wait for your server to get a second round of drinks.

New Ziosk tablets are installed and ready to go at the Chili’s at CocoWalk.

Henry Altuv: “Just a different option for the guests that could make a better dinning experience for them.”

Diners can order more drinks or dessert, even play games and pay the check.

Diego Rivera: “They’re very convenient. They’re very easy, and I mean you get entertainment while you wait for your order.”

Larry Soza: “I think it’s a good way to bond while you’re waiting for your food.”

But be careful, all that convenience could cost you.

Henry Altuv: “We’ve seen in our tests, roughly for about five months, a higher check average from our guests.”

Chili’s says they have seen bigger tips for their servers. If you pay with the tablet, it defaults to a 20 percent tip.

Henry Altuv: “It’s higher tips for our team members.”

You have the option of lowering the tip amount manually.

And don’t let these sumptuous desert pictures lure you in. The tablets encourage more dessert sales, and the fun games to keep the kids busy? They cost 99 cents.

Bob Tosi: “The manager came around and told us there’s games on it. It looks pretty cool.”

But customers say, despite the added costs, they love the perks of the table tablets.

Henry Altuv: “It shorts the wait time for them because they can use payment on the table, and they’re on their way.”

Bob Tosi: “I guess the less people that handle your credit card, the better it is.”

You still order appetizers and your main dinner from a server, and you don’t have to use the tablets if you don’t want to.

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