Table Settings

WSVN — Not everyone has the cash to dine out or party at a club, so it's the perfect time to entertain at home. To throw a great theme party we went to the experts, like interior designer Hillary Scurtis, for the art of table decorating.

Hillary Scurtis, Interior Designer: "This is New England in summer."

Think Cape Cod or Maine and set the table for a New England lobster bake.

Hillary Scurtis: "We have plates from Target, we have silverware from Pier One. We also have these mason jars so easy and old fashioned. We have tin cans to put our lobster shells in, and of course the lobster claw crackers."

The rest of the table decorations can be free.

Hillary Scurtis: "A lot of these items are found items, the sand, the shells. These are all things we get for free in Miami."

Can't afford the spa? Invite over your best girlfriends and recreate the soothing atmosphere. All you need are some lounge chairs or comfy seating and a few things from around the house.

Hillary Scurtis: "You can use towels that you already have, roll them up and put them in a basket. You can have your guest bring their own robes and their slippers."

Throw in a few fun magazines, a lemon water stand and some spa cuisine.

Hillary Scurtis: "You can purchase fruit, and why not make it special by popping open a bottle of champagne."

If you want a really simple and inexpensive party, host a garden party.

Hillary Scurtis: "The garden party is based on seasonal ingredients. Go to your local farmer's market or grocery store and purchase those things that look the most beautiful."

The bright fruits and veggies can be used for decor and as part of the meal. You can even use gardening tools as salad servers!

Another hot trend in decorating, bring the outside inside. The creative minds at Georg Jensen design store came up with this beautiful table top.

James Crespo, Georg Jensen Designs: "What's great about this table is that you're grabbing pieces that you wouldn't think of on top of the table. We use river rocks along this wheat grass. We use succulents in this stainless steel candle holders. We took this moss, we laid it as an area rug. We put the river rocks around it to give it that feel. These are actually petrified wood."

If you're really daring, bring something like a bicycle inside to add to the outdoorsy feeling.

We all know children's parties can get super expensive, but you can use items from your child's room to create the perfect tea party.

James Crespo: "A 10-year-old actually pulled this all together, and her mom helped at the end by putting together a few flower arrangements. Parasols are an inexpensive way to add whimsy and fun. You use things you already have in your playroom and bedroom. This ottoman came from the child's bedroom, the stuffed animals came from the girl's playroom."

No matter what kind of party you throw, with all these ideas no one will want to dine and dash. If you can afford to splurge on someone to decorate for you we've got the details on Hillary's services and Georg Jensen designs.