Summer Reading

If you didn’t think your local library was a cool place to hang out this summer think again. Lots of kids are choosing to read and keep their brain active. 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us in tonight’s Parent to Parent.

WSVN — These kids are enjoying their summer off, at the library.

Riverland Library Branch Manager Rita Lipof: “We have a lot going on at the library this summer.”

The Riverland Branch is one of dozens of libraries in Miami-Dade and Broward taking part in the ‘Healthy Body Healthy Mind Program.’

Rita Lipof: “There are a lot of kids who rely on the free lunches they get during the school year for their nutrition.”

But when school is out the lunches stop.

So, now kids up to age 18 can go to a local library, enjoy lunch and learn.

Elksie Estine: “Right now I’m reading a book called Forest Explorer.”

Thirteen-year-old Elksie, is enjoying the program.

Elksie Estine: “I love the library because I can find interesting books that I can bring home.”

Eight-year-old Veyonce Hendricks, found a book that’s just her style.

Veyonce Hendricks: “Art of Shelling, it’s a second edition book.”

Debora says the best part is that it’s keeping her brain active over the lazy days of summer.

Debora Pierre-Jean: “When I’m out of school I forget what day it is. So, yes it’s really helpful.”

The program runs through August and it’s open to all kids in the community.

And the learning doesn’t stop there. Read to Learn Books for Free is getting books into the hands of kids who really need them. Including giving them out at the doctors office.

Lissette Mendez at Miami-Dade College Center for Literature & Theater: “The objective is to get more books in the hands of kids.”

The partnership between Miami-Dade College and The Children’s Trust is aimed at getting books into areas where kids have little access.

Lissette Mendez: “The book shelves are going to be in places where kids and their parents have to come to. For things like check-ups, to apply for public services.”

At Kids Town Pediatrics in Miami 7-year-old Mariela seems happy with the selection.

Mariela Manion: “I saw Clementine, I saw Amelia Bedilia.”

Her dad says it’s a great idea.

Parent Corey Manion: “Anybody who doesn’t have access to books it’s such a great thing especially with libraries being strapped and all.”

And it gives busy parents time to read with their child.

Corey Manion: “Parents are going to come with their child, pick a book or two, read while they’re waiting for the doctor.”

When it’s time to go they can even take their book home with them.

Miami-Dade College is accepting donations of new or gently used books.


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