The long summer days are almost here and parents know keeping the kids busy while they’re out of school can get pricey. On tonight’s Money Monday, Lynn Martinez chats with local moms to find out how they have fun during the summer without spending a lot of cash.

WSVN — Most families try to keep to a budget.

Monica Gereke: “I always like to save money. It doesn’t matter on what.”

But budgets can go out the window as you try to keep the kids busy while they are out of school.

Vanessa Dunson: “You’re not going to go out every single day because that can be expensive. But at least once or twice a week we try to do things that are fun and try to keep them active.”

Moms we spoke with say the key is to use other parents.

Rebekah Demondo: “If you can come together with other moms, that’s the best recipe to find the best places for the best prices.”

Plan ahead and look for deals online.

Vanessa Dunson: “We just looked up deals and whatever was on special for that week, that’s what we did.”

Remember, there are tons of options that do not cost you a penny.

Rebekah Demondo: “Luckily, in Florida, we have a lot of natural resources. Parks, promenades, lots of places to bring them to.”

Splitting up baby-sitting duties will save too.

Vanessa Dunson: “If it’s, like, the adults pay more, I’ll tell my husband, ‘No, don’t come with us.'”

Skip the concession stand, take your own snacks.

Vanessa Dunson: “I’ll pack our lunches, don’t buy the food there. Just little things like that.”

And be vocal. Don’t be afraid to ask about discounts at the ticket office.

Rebekah Demondo: “I recommend asking locations themselves if they offer any discounts or programs because a lot of them don’t necessarily publicize it, but they will offer it when you bring it up.”

It’s not the cost that matters, it’s all about the experience.

Vanessa Dunson: “We really didn’t spend a lot of money, and we had fun all summer long.”

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