Something's brewing in my favorite video vixen class. Remember that one time I really wanted to be in a hip hop music video? Janet Jones from Streetjamz Dance Studios in Coral Gables really helped me find my inner hoochi.

This time, we met up with Janet for another reason; Valentine's Day!

JANET JONES: "The month of february, we have a Valentines day special for the girls who come to vixen. We're doing a combination to Beyonce's "Dance for You" and I don't know if you've seen the music video, Beyonce is dancing for her man."

JANET JONES: "So what we want for the girls who come to class to get them comfident enough that they can learn choreography and dance it for their man on Valentine's Day))

Its not a requirenment but you may wanna put your heels on and let the sexifying begin.

JANET JONES: They get a little confident and they go shopping and they get their boots and they buy their leggings and they makeup and hair, pretending that they are Beyonce, a lot of them really trully believe they are Beyonce."

But don't worry if you don't feel like Beyonce just yet this class is for everyone.

JANET JONES: This class is for all ages, teenagers and up, even for the grandmothers like me, im 49 years old and I'm proud to say that They're getting fit, theyre getting sexy and their men love it."

Talk about killing two birds with one bootylicious stone. The special day is just around the corner

JANET JONES: "Classes are on Monday nights at 8:30 p.m."

So work it and twerk it, Video Vixens.






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