The Chef & Owner: Michael MinaThe Restaurant: Bourbon Steak (Turnberry Isle Resort)The Dish: Bone-in Filet with Creamed Spinach

Ingredients for Steak:

14 oz. bone-in filetolive oil, as desiredfresh herbs, as desiredsalt, to tastepepper, to taste

Method of Preparation:

-At the restaurant, they poach the steak in butter, garlic, herbs and shallots for 45 minutes. However, Chef Michael says at home, you can simply marinate the meat with olive oil and your favorite herbs over night.

-Then, season the steak with salt and pepper and grill.

Ingredients for Creamed Spinach:

3 oz. of fresh spinach6 shallots4 oz. of unsalted buttersalt, to taste4 oz. of all purpose flour2 oz. of white wine2 cups of heavy creamfried shallots, for garnish

Method of Preparation:

-Start by making a base. First, sweat shallots with a little butter and add a pinch of salt.

-Then, add all purpose flour and cook for about four to five minutes.

-Next, pour in white wine, heavy cream and whisk it all together.

-Now, quickly blanch fresh spinach in salted, boiling water. Then, rough chop the spinach and set some to the side. Place the remaining spinach in a blender.

-After, pour the base cream that was just made into the blender and let it all mix together.

-In a pan, add the rough chopped spinach that was set to the side and pour in the green cream over the top. Warm this over high heat and serve.

To Plate:

At the restaurant, they first swirl a little meat sauce on the plate. Then, add a carrot reduction, herbs and garlic. Place the steak on top and sprinkle finishing salt. You can serve the creamed spinach in a separate plate and garnish it with fried shallots.

Serving Suggestion: Syrah

Serves: 1


Bourbon Steak, Miami (Turnberry Isle Resort)19999 West Country Club DriveAventura, FL 33180(786) 279-6600

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