Spring Warmth

High pressure is keeping conditions mostly sunny, dry and warm in South Florida. However, that very same area of high pressure is dragging in warm and moist air from the Gulf of Mexico through the Southern and Central Plains. That warm air is colliding with cooler air from the North, making conditions right for storms to form. The Storm Prediction Center has placed parts of North Texas and Oklahoma under an enhanced risk of seeing severe weather and slight risk for Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and Kansas. 

By Friday, here in South Florida it will be hotter with a chance of showers. It won’t be until Saturday when we will have a better chances of seeing sea breeze driven showers and storms in the inland areas. Sunday will be a lot drier. 

Have a wonderful day South Florida and make it a safe one! 

Vivian Gonzalez 

Meteorologist, AMS 

WSVN Channel 7