Tax-Free Holiday: Sales during school supply tax holiday weekend

(WSVN) - If you need to stock up on school uniforms and other supplies, now’s the time to get out your shopping bags because this Friday kicks off the 2018 back-to-school sales tax holiday! 7’s Alex De Armas has more on how parents save big this weekend.

Back-to-school shopping doesn’t have to put the squeeze on mom and dad’s budget — if they shop during the sales tax holiday.

Jermaine McClendon, Target: “When tax-free weekends come, it takes a little bit off. It gives them a discount, helps them save money ’cause a lot of things are quite pricey when it comes to buying things for the kids for the school year.”

Looking good at school will cost less this weekend. There’s no sales tax charged if the clothing and accessories you buy cost less than $60 per item.

Jermaine McClendon: “Even though it doesn’t seem like a lot, it does add up. So it definitely can help them save a little bit of money. That way throughout the year, they have a little bit more to spend.”

On the list this year are school uniforms, dresses, pants, shirts, sneakers and leather shoes. Backpacks, lunch boxes and all kinds of accessories like handbags, belts and barrettes.

Guys can spiff up their look with ties and wallets — even sports shoes are included. That’s good news for parents!

Natalie Wakefield, parent: “I have three kids.”

Natalie Wakefield said her family always shops during tax-free weekend.

Natalie Wakefield: “We have rulers, crayons, pencils, notebooks, folders and then times that by three. Over the years, I’ve learned that it’s definitely worthwhile. Why spend the money when I can save it!”

Parents will also save tax on certain school supplies if each item is $15 or less.

That includes binders and calculators, and construction paper, poster board, glue and scissors for those school projects.

Jermaine McClendon: “The more that you buy, the more you save throughout the year.”

There’s a long list of tax-free items, but not everything is exempt, so head to the links below.

The back-to-school sales tax holiday begins this Friday, Aug. 3 and runs through Sunday, Aug. 5.

We’ve got the list from the Florida Department of Revenue. You can print it and take it with you — so you don’t get any surprises at checkout.


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