(WSVN) - We all know how bad the traffic is in South Florida, but one Hollywood neighborhood is jammed with cars. As 7’s Brandon Beyer reports, residents are begging the city to “Stop the Traffic.”

The City of Hollywood is known for its tranquil, family-friendly neighborhoods, but on 13th Avenue, the quiet is mixed with chaos.

Neal Rosenblum, resident: “Since 2008, we’ve had well over 100 car accidents within 200 feet of this home.”

Ten years ago, the City of Hollywood blocked through traffic on neighborhood streets that crossed Hollywood Boulevard.

Only 13th Avenue was left open, and that’s when the trouble started.

Neal Rosenblum: “After 2009, the traffic just skyrocketed.”

Residents say the neighborhood became a favorite shortcut for drivers who want to avoid busy U.S. 1 and Young Circle.

Chris Impallomeni, resident: “It’s created a traffic jam and a safety issue for the residents.”

Cars speed and run stop signs.

Andrej Marencic, resident: “People, they don’t really slow down if they see a person or an animal there.”

In the past four years, the City of Hollywood has recorded 67 accidents on 13th Avenue.

Residents have also kept track, taking pictures of wrecks at the busy intersections like Hollywood Boulevard, Tyler Street and others in the neighborhood.

Neal Rosenblum: “I was out here a couple of years ago, and somebody drove through the fence.”

Neal Rosenblum’s security cameras recorded that accident and others.

His cameras also show another problem — big 18-wheelers and tanker trucks rolling through the neighborhood, one after the other.

Neal Rosenblum: “When I moved here in 1999, it was a very quaint, quiet little neighborhood. We probably had less than 1,000 cars a day. Now, we’re exceeding 5,800 cars per day.”

Residents say they’ve been complaining to the city for years — with little effect.

Donna, resident: “Nothing’s been done.”

Frustrated residents met with Hollywood Commissioner Peter Hernandez and showed him the area that’s driving them crazy.

Peter Hernandez, Hollywood commissioner: “The problem is not going to go away. It’s going to get worse.”

Over the years, speed bumps, speed indicators and other fixes have been put in place to try to slow traffic down, but he says more needs to be done.

Peter Hernandez: “Let’s see if we can actually find a solution that works for everybody, and that it doesn’t have the unintended consequences that closing all of the crossings along Hollywood Boulevard and leaving 13th Avenue by itself has cost.”

The City of Hollywood says it hired a traffic engineer last year to work on improving traffic flow to Young Circle, which might make drivers less tempted to cut through. But solutions, when they come, will take time to implement.

Residents say it’s past time to stop the traffic that’s plaguing their neighborhood.

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