(WSVN) - Human trafficking arrests are on the rise across Florida, but it’s not enough to stop these heinous crimes. One South Florida man says it’s time to “Step Up” and do something about it. 7’s Brandon Beyer has more in this special assignment report.

If you’ve ever been to the Broward County Courthouse, you have probably seen this man.

Roger DeHart is a well-known court bailiff. He has worked there more than 15 years.

Being in the courtroom has given him a firsthand look at human trafficking victims — and the horrors that they live through.

Roger DeHart, walking for a cause: “I feel like human trafficking, especially down here in Broward County, is a hush-hush topic.”

So Roger decided it was time to get people talking about it.

Six months ago, he started planning and training for a 1,000-mile walk — from the steps of the Broward County Courthouse to the steps of the White House.

Roger DeHart: “I wrestled with the thought for many, many months. I thought, ‘Is this possible?'”

Once Roger realized it was possible, he began pounding the pavement, getting sponsors, recruiting walkers and talking to victims.

Roger DeHart: “Pleasure to meet you, Michele. A real pleasure to meet you.”

Victims like “Michele,” who was molested at 5, raped at 12, and by 17 being sold for sex by the man who got her pregnant.

“Michele”: “The places were not always the greatest. Sometimes they were hotels, sometimes they were homes. I was forced to travel, sometimes to different countries.”

And, “Michele” says, escaping from the nightmare is almost impossible.

“Michele”: “Once you’ve been introduced to this lifestyle, it’s not something you walk away from.”

“Michele” wasn’t able to get help until her captor was arrested and sent to prison.

Roger DeHart: “I think education is the key, I really do. I’m not saying all with be saved, but some will.”

Which is why he will stop and talk to community leaders in the towns along his route, hoping they, too, will step up and save the children.

If you would like more information about Roger DeHart’s work to raise awareness about sex trafficking victims, click here.

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