Stealing Home: South Florida man charged in home rental scam

(WSVN) - He’s charged with taking thousands of dollars in rental and security deposits from clients — then disappearing with the cash. Despite two arrests, he’s out of jail, and his victims are fighting mad. 7’s Nicole Linsalata has more on how he’s “Stealing Home.”

He has many names, but detectives know Mohamed Donald all too well.

The real estate sales associate, whose license was suspended, was arrested on Feb. 22 in Hollywood. And again, on April 18, in Miami Springs. The charges: grand theft, for taking deposit money for home rentals and not following through for his clients.

One former client had her iPhone with her as she furiously confronted the man many know as Sham Donald — angry that he’s still free.

He’s been arrested twice, and both times he paid the bond and walked out the door.

Coconut Creek Police Detective Brian Mullin: “It is frustrating.”

Detective Brian Mullin of Coconut Creek Police is working on three cases where Donald is accused by his clients of taking more than $10,000 dollars in deposits, but never delivering the homes.

Detective Brian Mullin: “It’s infuriating.”

One of those cases led to Donald’s latest arrest.

Detective Brian Mullin: “We know we’ll have our day in court with Mr. Donald, but it is upsetting to know that he is able to bond out, ’cause at any time he can take off.”

Reporter: “Mr. Donald, can we talk to you please?”

Since 7News first aired the story in February, we’ve received 12 more calls from viewers saying Donald took their money, too.

Detective Brian Mullin: “I’m just thinking of the people that we don’t know about yet that will come forward.”

Stacie Roy: “He’s like a cockroach. He comes and goes.”

Stacie Roy says Donald took almost $7,000 from her son for a bogus rental.

Stacie Roy: “My son was working seven days a week to come up with this money.”

He was arrested for that case just last month. She couldn’t believe he bonded out of jail so quickly.

Stacie: “I’m furious. I am furious that he keeps beating the system. He’s going to keep doing the same thing, and he needs to be stopped.”

Allison Powell and Javier Gonzalez paid Donald to find a home for their family. They found out they were in trouble when they Googled his name and saw our story online.

Javier Gonzalez: “I still can’t believe it.”

They confronted Donald…

Allison Powell (shows mug shot from our story): “I told him I had something to show him, and when he sat down I showed him his beautiful mugshot from when he got arrested.”

She said Sham looked shocked and then denied he was involved.

Allison Powell: “Denying everything, making up every excuse the he could possibly think of.”

Detective Mullin says the cases are piling up, but collecting evidence for formal charges is a long, complicated process.

Detective Brian Mullin: “There’s a lot of tedious work that’s involved. You have to subpoena bank records. You have to follow the money.”

And it looks like the money is being followed here to the Broward County Courthouse. There is one criminal case and two civil cases against Donald going through the courts right now. Police say there will be more.

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