(WSVN) - A mother and two of her children were killed in a horrific car crash. The driver, who survived, is being charged with drunk driving, and investigators said a critical clue was posted to social media the night of the wreck. 7’s Brian Entin reports what the driver said on camera could be a “Revealing Recording.”

Trevor Carter-Remy (in cellphone video): “I’m driving like a [expletive] [expletive]. I’m so [expletive] up, [expletive].”

Investigators say this video was taken inside a moving car.

Trevor Carter-Remy (in cellphone video): “I know I’ve got some viewers on this [expletive].”

It was posted on social media, and the driver talks about being intoxicated.

What you can’t see are the six children in the car.

Their mother is in the passenger seat recording.

Trevor Carter-Remy (in cellphone video): “And I’m drunk. I don’t know where I’m at.”

Tiffany Turnbull (in cellphone video): “And I’m tipsy as [expletive].”

And Florida Highway Patrol officers believe this is what happened next.

The car upside down after a witness said the car took a sharp turn off Interstate 75 in Pembroke Pines.

Witness (during 911 call): “The car flipped into the center and it burst into flames.”

Five-year-old Angel, her 8-year-old brother Dawane and their mother Tiffany Turnbull were all killed in the 2016 crash.

Tiffany’s four other children were hurt but survived.

Trevor Carter-Remy (in cellphone video): “I’m in the wrong lane. I’m switching, [expletive]. I’m stupid and I’m ignorant.”

FHP identified the driver as Trevor Carter-Remy.

He is charged with DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide.

Brenda Stephens, family friend: “He gotta pay for what he did. You reap what you sow.”

Brenda Stephens is a family friend and adopted two of the surviving children.

Seven-year-old Chloe and 9-year-old Denae now call her Grandma.

Brenda Stephens: “At that time, the children were at the hospital, and they needed them to have somewhere to go.”

We were with Brenda as she watched the video for the first time.

Brenda Stephens: “No safety about the kids. No concern about the kids. Selfishness, I see. Ignorance, I definitely see.”

Investigators said Carter-Remy’s blood alcohol level was almost double the legal limit.

But his attorney claimed the children’s mother caused the crash by grabbing the steering wheel.

Jonathan Schwartz, defense attorney: “There is significant evidence to suggest that is the case.”

Brian Entin: “What is the evidence?”

Jonathan Schwartz: “I’m not at liberty to go into that at this point.”

Defense attorney Jonathan Schwartz said there’s no proof the video was taken the night of the wreck.

Brian Entin: “You are arguing that the video is not from that night?”

Jonathan Schwartz: “That is correct.”

Brian Entin: “But the investigators say it is from that night, and they are wearing the same clothes, and you hear the children in the back seat.”

Jonathan Schwartz: “They have no idea. The people have very limited clothes. They could wear those clothes many different times.”

Schwartz said Carter-Remy was in a coma, suffered brain damage and is traumatized by the accident.

For the surviving children, life is an ongoing struggle.

Brenda said they have acted out in school and are always asking for their mother.

Brenda Stephens: “They’re saying, ‘I want to see my mama. I want my mama. I want my mama,’ so I took them to the graveyard and I told them, ‘Here is your mom, your brother and your sister.”

Brenda fears the children may never fully grasp what happened.

Trevor Carter-Remy (in cellphone video): “I ran across the red light. Who gives a [expletive]?”

Brian Entin: “Watching that video, what emotions do you feel?”

Brenda Stephens: “I feel bad for me, for the kids, everybody that is involved in this. It affected all of our lives.”

Carter-Remy is out of jail on house arrest. He has pleaded not guilty, and his attorney said they plan to go to trial later this year.

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