(WSVN) - Homeowners are upset with a South Florida company they hired to fix their homes after Hurricane Irma. They say checks have been cashed, but the work is still not done. 7’s Brian Entin has our special report “Repair Despair.”

Robert “Bo” Dixon is a South Florida firefighter.

He is usually the one helping people, but more than a year and a half after Hurricane Irma blew through South Florida, it’s Bo who needs help.

Robert “Bo” Dixon, homeowner: “I’ve been in many storms in the past. We’ve been here on duty for all the ones in the past. We’re always out there helping everybody and doing what we need to do, and here I am pretty much the victim now.”

Bo paid $19,000 as a deposit on a new roof to Spartan Roofing and Construction based in Davie.

But six months later, no work has been done.

Robert “Bo” Dixon: “All the tiles that are there; they’re just laying there. They’re not really attached. They’re just kind of there.”

Jamie Luck and Rick Mascaro live in this Davie home. They say they did their homework before hiring the roofer.

Jamie Luck, homeowner: “We did the Sunbiz, checked out to make sure he was licensed and insured.”

Rick Mascaro, homeowner: “Got a certificate of insurance.”

Jamie Luck: “As a matter of fact, we even went on Google, and there were two reviews at the time.”

They paid around $25,000.

Spartan did some work, removing their old, damaged roof and laying the plastic covering.

But months later, still no tiles.

Rick Mascaro: “The inspector came over Wednesday, and it failed.”

The Davie office of Spartan Roofing and Construction is locked. 7News called the two people who ran the business. One said his lawyer would be in touch. The other said his attorney would speak with us, and he did.

Don Thomas, attorney: “I represent Spartan and Mr. [Bill] Laino.”

Don Thomas said his client, Bill Laino, was unaware jobs weren’t being finished.

Don Thomas: “It’s unfortunate that we didn’t get a handle on this sooner.”

A letter sent to customers said, “Spartan suffered numerous project management and scheduling setbacks” and they had “run out of working capital and the ability to sustain its operations.”

Thomas said their focus now is finishing the work already contracted.

Don Thomas: “We’re happy to go out and try to fix the problem that was created on our watch.”

7News FaceTimed Bo the firefighter so he could hear the news for himself.

Robert “Bo” Dixon: “I can’t thank you enough. I really, really do appreciate this.”

Jamie and Rick hired another company to finish their roof.

All of the customers just want the work done and to finally put Hurricane Irma behind them.

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