(WSVN) - A little boy who dreams of becoming a police officer suffers from seizures, and then, he was told he could not come to school. What happened next is stunning. The Nightteam’s Patrick Fraser has this special assignment report: Police Response.

They came down the street flashing lights with their guns and badges and one more thing: enormous hearts.

Justin Floyd: “I just love it. I love it so much.”

“These are all your friends, and they are here for you whenever you need ’em.”

Let me back up a second. His name is Justin, and his parents called Help Me Howard after he was not allowed into school for violating the mandatory mask policy. Yes, his mask did fall off while he was having a seizure.

Justin Floyd Sr., Justin’s father: “I can’t even count how many seizures he has a month.”

As our story wrapped up, Justin told us why he wanted to be in school: because he has a goal.

Justin Floyd: “I want to be a police because police help people.”

He wants to be a police officer.

South Florida’s law enforcement community was watching Channel 7.

Maj. Rosanna Cordero-Stutz, Miami-Dade Police: “I saw, and I cried. That little boy had the hardest day a little boy has ever had in his life, and at the end of the video, the one thing that made him smile and jump up was, ‘I want to be a police officer.'”

And so, police from across South Florida came to show Justin they cared.

Justin Floyd: “I can’t believe what’s happening.”

Justin stood in amazement. Notice the Band-Aid. He had a seizure, fell and hit his head the day before, but all that was forgotten as the motormen from the North Miami Police Department came rolling up.

Officer: “Now you are part of us, and the Miami Dolphins sent some gifts for you here, too.”

Patrol cars from Miami-Dade Police were in the parade for Justin.

Two mounted officers stopped in. Justin had never seen a horse.

Mounted officer: “Horses love peppermint.”

His face after feeding a horse a peppermint would make anyone smile, especially his parents.

Justin Floyd Sr.: “Thank you, God bless you all.”

Joetta Robinson, Justin’s mother: “I’m so speechless!”

Justin Floyd Sr.: “A helicopter just came down our street!”

That’s right. Justin is fascinated by police helicopters, and Miami-Dade brought one.

Justin Floyd: “I can’t believe it man! I can’t believe it.”

Along with Miami-Dade and North Miami Police, the PBA and Police Community Relations Foundation wanted to see Justin.

A bus pulled up filled with police explorers bringing bags of food and gifts for Justin and his sister.

Justin Floyd: “I can’t believe so much police are over here giving me stuff.”

As we looked over, we saw Justin’s father. There were tears in his eyes.

Justin Floyd Sr.: “Yeah, it did change my perspective of the police.”

Joetta Robinson: “They have come through for one little kid who has a dream of doing what they do.”

The kindness of the officers left Justin in awe as the little man got to meet the men and women he adores.

Officer: “Can I get a hug? Thank you so much.”

Justin: “Thank you.”

Officer: “Just want you to know that you are our little hero.”

The law enforcement community showed a little boy they don’t just enforce the law in his neighborhood. They help people like him in the neighborhood.

Rosanna Cordero-Stutz: “We want him to know that he is not alone, and it’s the same way for us. We are not alone. We lean on each other, and we want to show that to Justin.”

And they told Justin what he was hoping to hear: one day, his dream can come true.

Rosanna Cordero-Stutz: “This is your official junior police badge. I expect to see a real one one day on you.”

Justin Floyd: “Yeehaww!”

Before the officers left, they had one more surprise for Justin. They gave him a bike.

He had never ridden one before, but an officer was there for him.

Justin Floyd: “Holy moly!”

Joetta Robinson: “I would just like to say thank you to Miami-Dade Police Department. Thank you to Help Me Howard, to Channel 7, for coming through for our tiny little family.”

Justin’s heart was broken that day when he was kicked out of the school, but now, the kind hearts of police officers made him forget all that.

Justin Floyd: “Best day I’ve ever had.”

What a day, Justin. What a day.

After Channel 7 contacted the Miami-Dade school district, they did allow Justin to return to the classroom.

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