Police Body Cameras Capture Road Rage, Arrest on Side of I-95

(WSVN) - Police body cameras capturing a case of road rage on a busy South Florida highway. It’s video you’ll see only on 7. Brian Entin has our special report, Hell on Wheels.

It went down on the side of I-95. Body cameras were rolling as troopers and deputies faced a suspect who wasn’t giving up without a fight.

Twenty-one-year-old Riley Singer was driving recklessly according to a passenger in his car.

She told troopers he even tried to collide with other cars on 95 near Commercial Boulevard.

Sgt. Mark Wysocky, Florida Highway Patrol: “Evidently chasing cars, attempting to hit cars deliberately.”

The police report says the woman had her 13-month-old baby in the car.

She said Singer eventually pulled over and tried to strangle her on the side of the interstate.

That’s when other drivers started calling 911.

911 call: “He’s yelling at her, about ready to hit her.”

911 call: “There’s a lady with a baby, and the gentleman just slapped her.”

911 call: “I was just afraid for the baby.”

Police say Singer punched out the car window — and the baby was cut by the glass.

The violence continued as drivers stopped to try and help.

Police say he attacked one.

Riley Singer: “If I beat him with a crowbar, when I pulled out the crowbar, when he ran the (expletive) off, if I cracked his (expletive) head open, you would have shot me, ’cause I would have killed him.”

When deputies and troopers attempted to arrest Singer, he resisted.

That clicking you hear is tasers going off.

Singer then made a run for it. It took more than seven officers to finally get him to the ground, and he was still throwing punches.

They hit him again with the taser and finally got the cuffs on him..

Body cam trooper talking: “This guy was out of control. It took like four or five tasers.”

Sgt. Mark Wysocky: “He was spitting. He was kicking. He was just violently resisting.”

Once tied down on a stretcher, Singer continued to taunt law enforcement.

Riley Singer: “If your daughter wants to die, let me know. I’ll kill that (expletive.)”

Eventually, troopers put a bag over Singer’s head to stop him from spitting and took him away in an ambulance.

The incident happened back in May, and troopers say this is the kind of rage they’ve been seeing on South Florida highways.

Body cameras and cellphones now make it visible to everyone.

Sgt. Mark Wysocky: “Whereas before you never saw it. You maybe heard about it, but now you’re seeing more of it.”

Riley Singer pleaded not guilty to charges of battery on a law enforcement officer. He is out of jail on bond and expected back in court later in November.

Brian Entin, 7News.

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