(WSVN) - We’ve all heard horror stories about plastic surgery going wrong, but even everyday procedures can go wrong, leaving patients with no where to turn. That’s why one local doctor is making it his medical mission to help them.

There are shots and lasers to look younger. Suction, surgery and implants to reshape your body.

Zoraya Gomez, had fillers: “I did it right here.”

Zoraya went to a doctor for botox, but got bolder with each visit.

Zoraya Gomez: “And then the third time I said, ‘Oh lets do everything.'”

She agreed to have a well-known filler injected … but a few weeks later, it started to go bad.

Zoraya Gomez: “I started developing little bumps.”

Then her face started swelling. She tried to find another doctor to help her. They all said no.

Zoraya Gomez: “They say that they weren’t gonna touch me.”

Marysol got breast implants after having children. She traveled to her home country of Colombia where the surgery was cheaper.

Marysol Metcalf, had breast implants: “I researched for the best surgeon in Bogata.”

Initially, she was happy with the results, but two years later…

Marysol Metcalf: “All of a sudden, my breasts shrink. Move up and down and the pain was unbearable.”

She called her doctor in Colombia to find out what to do.

Marysol Metcalf: “He never even bothered coming to the phone.”

Two women who underwent two common procedures — but both went horribly wrong.

Dr. Adam Rubinstein, plastic surgeon: “There’s very few options for patients.”

Dr. Adam Rubinstein took both cases when no one else would.

Marysol had to have new implants.

Zoraya needed an eight-hour surgery to remove industrial grade silicone that should have never been injected in the first place.

Zoraya Gomez: “He saved me. He saved my life.”

And now this Aventura doctor wants to save more people.

Dr. Adam Rubinstein: “And there will be no charges for their reconstruction to get them back to where they need to be.”

He says no one should have to be embarrassed about how they look or live with pain caused by someone who was supposed to help you.

Dr. Adam Rubinstein: “If there’s some distortion in your face, your breasts your body … you can be living with pain all day long, every day. You can’t live well that way.”

If you need Dr. Rubenstein’s help, he says email him your story. He will pick one case to take on for free and help you until the problem is fixed.
Adam J Rubinstein, MD, FACS
2999 NE 191st St.
Aventura, FL 33180
(305) 340-2191
email: help@dr-rubinstein.com

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