Special Reports

Trash Clash

It’s a sad fact. The City of Opa-locka is a mess. Forget the politicians who have been accused of corruption, forget the highest property taxRead More

College Cash

Getting a college degree can carry a high price tag these days — but now students have a new way to offset the cost ofRead More

Pain Into Purpose

It’s been two years since a 20-year-old South Florida woman stared death in the face — literally. Lyndsey Cooper was left for dead by aRead More

Knock Crime Out

A South Florida police department has found a unique way to reach out to kids in their community. 7’s Craig Stevens shows us how localRead More

No More Scars

Getting diagnosed with skin cancer can involve a biopsy, but a new procedure is changing the way skin cancer is treated, and it means noRead More

Bulk Pickup

You’ve heard the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” but some South Florida neighbors are hoping to put a stop to the treasureRead More