Special Reports

Tying Up the Courts

A South Florida man says residents terrify him so much, he’s trying to get restraining orders against them. But those same people argue that he’sRead More

Bad Romance

Lots of people look for love online. When it happens, it’s great. But, a bad romance can destroy trust, break hearts and, in some cases,Read More

Dangerous Drop Off

We all have tricks to get through South Florida traffic, but some parents are causing major concerns when they drop off their kids for school.Read More

Stolen Away

Imagine growing up with a family only to find out you were abducted as a baby. The Nightteam’s Nicole Linsalata has the story of aRead More

Water Worry

Your water bill isn’t usually one of your most expensive, but that wasn’t the case for a South Florida family. They were shocked when theyRead More