WSVN — After the Orlando Pulse nightclub massacre, the debate over gun control continues, and so does concern over gun concealment. A Las Vegas man’s video, showing how easy it is to hide guns, is an internet sensation and a scary wake-up call for everyone. Sheldon Fox has our Nightteam special assignment report “Hidden Danger.”

At first, the video is unremarkable. You see 28-year-old Rob Buckles walking around his living room. Then he approaches the camera … and this happens. He pulls a full-sized semi-automatic rifle out of his pants.

Rob Buckles, made gun video: “It’s a semi-automatic AR-15. The standard AR that you hear about in the news every day. I guess one of the most talked about weapons right now.”

It’s talked about because it’s the same kind of weapon used in the Orlando Pulse massacre. In his disturbing video, Buckles shows how easy it is to hide a semi-automatic rifle under your clothes. We talked to the Marine Corps Veteran via Skype from his home in Las Vegas.

Sheldon Fox: “I saw that video and was just floored by it.”

Rob Buckles: “It was kind of on a whim. I saw a bunch of posts on Facebook about people saying that it couldn’t be done, that you couldn’t conceal a weapon of that size, and so I’ve got one here at home, so I thought, ‘Well, let me get dressed and see if I can conceal it.'”

Viewers watch in shock as he loads the AR-15 one magazine … two… three… four … seven magazines in total, all concealed in his pants, and his pockets.

Rob Buckles: “It wasn’t taped or anything; I just slipped it right in there. The jeans were loose-fitting, but the waistband was just the proper sized waistband.”

Then Buckles pulls out a handgun, which was also tucked into his pants. He has ammo for that as well.

Rob Buckles: “I had seven magazines for the AR-15, and then I had a Glock with one magazine already inside the pistol and two magazines in my hip pockets.”

All in all, a total of 264 rounds for both guns.

Since he posted the controversial video, it’s generated more than 17 million hits online.

Sheldon Fox: “Were you trying to teach anybody anything by doing what you did in the video?”

Rob Buckles: “If you’re going to be in a crowded situation, then it’s good to be keen to your surroundings. Always pay attention to people around. If you see the guy that doesn’t have his shirt tucked in, maybe he’s wearing some loose-fitting clothing, if there’s something bulging, you know, you can never be too comfortable.”

The Iraq war veteran says he hopes his video teaches people that, in this day and age, hidden dangers can be found anywhere.

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