(WSVN) - It’s a remarkable idea: being able to detect a gun near or even inside a school. It’s no longer just a dream. It’s a reality after a South Florida man created the gun detector software. He showed it to the Nightteam’s Patrick Fraser.

After every mass murder — Parkland, the Pulse Nightclub, Walmart in El Paso — it’s said, “If only we knew the killer was coming in.”

Now, you can.

Colin O’Reilly, HawkAi Technologies: “This is unbelievable, and it’s only the beginning.”

After the Parkland massacre, Colin and Sal Salman wanted to create artificial intelligence to detect guns.

Sal has done it.

Sal Salman, gun detection creator: “For schools, we are giving them valuable seconds, which could save lives.”

Sal’s software can be connected to all the surveillance cameras at a facility and will send an alert if a gun is detected.

Sal Salman: “Priceless. It’s just priceless.”

Take a look.

As Sal and I watched through this camera, Colin walked outside with an AR-15. The gun is instantly spotted.

Sal Salman: “So when he takes the gun out, a green box is going over the gun.”

Patrick Fraser: “So it detected it…”

At that second, the software sent out alerts.

Sal Salman: “At this point, I am already receiving a text message that an alert has triggered. I got the message already.”

That alert can be sent to the school security officers, teachers, students letting them know a gun is on the property.

Sal Salman: “So as soon as a gun is exposed, you know what is happening.”

The detection of the gun is just the beginning.

As the alerts go out, the software can even start protecting the people inside the building.

Sal Salman: “We integrate with different door controls to be able to lock the front doors. We are able to talk on the PA system with an artificial intelligence voice system giving the command for all the students to lock down.”

To show the precision of the artificial intelligence — or AI as it’s called — Colin stood in front of a steel jungle gym. The software wasn’t fooled.

Sal Salman: “It doesn’t confuse it. It doesn’t confuse it. We have the poles. We have the slide.”

Patrick Fraser: “There’s a lot of metal.”

Sal Salman: “It becomes a very complicated task for the AI, and it still performs great.”

I then tried a pistol. Instead of a green box, Sal has programmed the system to surround it with a yellow outline.

Sal Salman: “And we are at 99.9% accurate there.”

The software is not perfect yet. Notice when I put a .410 shotgun in a sleeve, the software didn’t send an alert, but Sal says that’s coming.

Sal Salman: “We can defiantly include millimeter wave technology to detect concealed weapons. We are only scratching the surface with artificial intelligence. There is a long away to go.”

We even tried to trick the artificial intelligence. It’s programmed to spot a complete weapon.

I took out that and broke it down. We didn’t know if it would recognize it as a gun. It still did.

Sal Salman: “Every school should definitely have this technology. Right now, I can’t think of a reason why a school would not adopt this technology.”

Those are the words of the software creators.

Patrick Fraser: “So it detected it?”

Wayne Black: “Absolutely.”

Wayne Black is a nationally renown security expert.

Wayne black, Wayne Black & Associates: “Well, it could be a game changer for schools. I like it.”

Wayne says the software could work in malls, nightclubs, churches and schools if…

Wayne Black: “The trick will be, Patrick, if anybody takes advantage of this. A lot of school boards are in what I call normalcy bias. They think it’s going to happen someplace else. It’s never going to happen to them until it does.”

And to make sure it does not happen, Colin and Sal have now begun talking to malls, churches and especially public school districts and private schools. Both men are fathers, and they want to get their gun detection technology in schools before another shooting happens.

Colin O’Reilly: “This is the start of something that will be lifesaving, and it will be everywhere. It’s just a question of time.”

Sal Salman: “And it can save a child’s life, correct.”

Remarkable software. A gun detector to save precious lives.

To contact Sal or Colin about the Gun Detection Software


Toll Free Number: 855-495-6499

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