Grandmother issued restraining order after attempts to get grandchild back

(WSVN) - Her daughter gave her child up for adoption. The grandmother has been battling to get the child back, in large part by posting on Facebook to gather support. But did she go too far? Patrick Fraser tells us she was told if you post on Facebook, you will be posting bail.

She walked into court, a distraught woman trying to avoid complete devastation.

Jennifer Feldman, heartbroken over granddaughter: “I worry about her all the time. If they would just talk to me.”

We first met Jennifer Feldman two years ago.

Jennifer Feldman: “I solely took care of the baby.”

Jennifer’s daughter shocked her by turning Monroe over to an adoption agency. That day, Jennifer vowed to overturn the adoption.

Jennifer Feldman: “I have to get this baby back.”

And that’s what brought Michael Mance, the man who adopted Jennifer’s granddaughter, to court.

Michael Mance: “And I wanted to know how she got our contact information.”

Mance said Feldman cyber-stalked and harassed him and his wife through phone calls and Facebook posts to try to get Monroe back.

Michael Mance (reading Jennifer Feldman’s Facebook post): “Come hail rain or shine, I will never give up. I’m bringing my grandbaby back home.”

Jennifer Feldman: “Wow, that’s horrible. I didn’t mean to come across like that.”

Michael Mance came from New York to try to get a permanent restraining order blocking Feldman from contacting him and his wife. His attorney claimed Mance was so terrified of this grandmother, he hired a bodyguard to watch over him.

Steven Berzner, attorney: “And this woman, excuse me, Ms. Feldman will stop at nothing.”

Mance had saved Feldmans’ voicemails to his phone. He played some for the judge.

Jennifer Feldman (in voicemail): “I will be coming to see her and see you.”

But it was her Facebook posts that Mance said frightened him and his wife the most.

Michael Mance (reading Jennifer Feldman’s Facebook post): “Yeah I’m getting desperate. Thinking crazy. I want to kidnap her back home.”

Feldman was allowed to respond.

Jennifer Feldman: “I did write it and I do apologize.”

Mance came to court with an attorney, a bodyguard and the knowledge in the State of Florida that if a parent gives up a baby, the grandparent like, Jennifer Feldman, has no right to the child. That law was on his side and he now also wanted a judge to block Feldman from ever communicating with his family again.

Jennifer had no attorney. Her argument to be allowed to communicate with her granddaughter was not based on law, but on her love of her granddaughter.

Jennifer Feldman: “This is me and Monroe.”

When it was her turn to tell her side, she first showed the judge her grandchild’s baby pictures and then asked a question she says she had been trying to get answered.

Jennifer Feldman: “I would like to know how my grandbaby is, health wise.”

Michael Mance: “She is happy. She is thriving.”

Jennifer Feldman: “Thank you for sharing that with me.”

As Feldman spoke, Mance turned away and didn’t look at her. She argued her Facebook posts weren’t threats, but frustration at losing her grandchild.

Jennifer Feldman: “It doesn’t mean anything other than I am showing my grandbaby I will never give up on you.”

Feldman added her Facebook posts were private, intended for her friends, and the adoptive parents had hacked into her account to read them.

Jennifer Feldman: “Why is he on my Facebook? Technically, I’m being stalked.”

Feldman’s argument that her posts were harmless, written from frustration, didn’t work. And the ruling from Judge Martin Shapiro, an indefinite injunction, was even worse than she expected.

Martin Shapiro, judge: “I think you have to discontinue any reference on Facebook or any other social media to your grandchild.”

Jennifer Feldman: “So, you are saying I can’t post a picture of my grandbaby — period?”

Martin Shapiro: “I think the best bet is to forget about this child on social media.”

Jennifer Feldman was told to never contact the adoptive parents again and if she posts about her granddaughter on Facebook or any other social media, she will have to post bail.

Jennifer Feldman: “Yeah, I’m pretty crushed. I am.”

Jennifer wants to appeal the judge’s ruling so she can talk about her granddaughter, but she has no attorney and little hope.

She came into court alone. She left alone.

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