(WSVN) - So imagine your bank telling you you can’t get your money. It happened to a South Florida woman and she said this financial freeze is causing her a ton of problems. Now she want her cash and answers. 7’s Brian Entin has the story.

Shoshana Halpern has an incredible view.

But even with the calm blue ocean outside her balcony, she’s only been able to see red…

Shoshana Halpren, Citibank customer: “It’s really outrageous that they can do this and get away with it. I’m not happy and I’m very upset.”

She’s upset because earlier this month, Citibank froze all her accounts.

It all started with a notice.

Shoshana Halpren: “I kept getting urgent FedEx letters from Citibank, and of course I panicked thinking somebody stole all my money.”

The letters asked Shoshana to immediately provide personal and private information as part of a Know Your Customer program. They said if she didn’t…

Shoshana Halpren (reads letter): “Your account may be blocked to prevent transactions.”

Shoshana immediately went to her local branch here in Surfside to give the bank the information requested.

But the letters kept coming. In all, she came here three times and finally thought everything was handled.

But it wasn’t.

Shoshana Halpren: “Seven days ago, I went to the ATM. I tried to withdraw some money and it said you can’t. So I go inside the bank and said what is going on. The teller says you’re blocked.”

The bank had shut down her account even though she says she gave them everything they wanted.

Not only was Shoshana unable to get cash … the bank didn’t pay her insurance and credit card which she has set up through automatic bill pay.

She’s afraid that will affect her credit score.

We reached out to Citibank.

They told us they are required by law to review bank accounts and update account information.

A spokesperson said they made a mistake in freezing Shoshana’s accounts and “We apologize for the inconvenience of blocking these accounts in error and we are pleased to have resolved the issue.”

Shoshana Halpren: “I asked the bank, am I the only one this is happening to? They said no, it’s happening to a lot of people and people are very frustrated.”

Shoshana is glad her financial freeze is cleared up and hopes no other customers go through what she did.

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