(WSVN) - A South Florida man with close ties to President Donald Trump is being investigated as part of the Russia probe. Tonight on Just One Station, Roger Stone is sharing video and information about a recent lie-detector test he took. 7’s Brian Entin has the story.

Stone paid for a lie detector test to prove he did not collude with Russia during the presidential campaign.

And for the first time, we’re seeing Stone in the hot seat, and he passed the test.

Computer Voice (during Roger Stone’s polygraph test): “Do not move, do not hold your breath and do not take deep breaths.”

It’s Roger Stone like you’ve never seen him before, hooked up to a lie detector.

Computer Voice: “Would you do something dishonest or illegal if there was a good chance you would not be caught?”

Roger Stone, Trump’s former campaign adviser: “No.”

This is President Trump’s former campaign adviser answering questions about the Russia investigation.

Computer Voice: “Did you communicate with any Russian associated entity about distributing stolen emails from anyone?”

Roger Stone: “No.”

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is looking into Stone, a Fort Lauderdale resident, as part of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Brian Entin (during interview in February 2017): “Were you in contact at all with any Russian intelligence officials or anyone in Russia?”

Roger Stone: “No, absolutely, positively not.”

Stone has repeatedly denied any collusion with Russia.

But this time, he answered questions as his breathing, blood pressure and muscle activity were monitored.

Computer Voice: “Would you, under oath, tell a lie to stay out of trouble?”

Roger Stone: “No.”

Stone’s attorneys hired Dr. John Palmatier, a former police officer with more than 35 years experience giving polygraph tests.

The lie detector test was taken in this Miami Lakes office.

John Palmatier, former police officer: “I do understand Roger’s reputation as a trickster and all of these other issues, but, see, I have to put that aside when I do these assessments. I just care about what’s true.”

Sunday on ABC News, Rudy Giuliani, one of President Trump’s attorneys, was asked this:

George Stephanopoulos (“This Week” on ABC News): “Did Roger Stone ever give Trump a heads-up on Wikileaks leaks concerning Hillary Clinton and the DNC?”

Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s attorney: “No, he didn’t, not at all. Uh, I don’t believe so.”

Computer Voice: “Did you ever discuss at any time with Trump the stolen information from Wikileaks or any of the organizations we discussed?”

Roger Stone: “No.”

Palmatier says the results of Stone’s polygraph test were “inconclusive,” meaning “neither truthfulness nor deception” could be determined.

John Palmatier: “Based upon the questions themselves, it appeared that he was being truthful. However, Roger’s way of — because of his hyperactivity, his breathing pattern is atypical. It’s not something that you see normally. I went back to the attorneys and said, ‘Look, I need to sit down with him a second time.'”

So Stone sat for a second test two weeks later and passed.

Roger Stone: “My name is Roger J. Stone Jr.”

Stone was asked about a statement he signed detailing various aspects of the Russia probe.

Roger Stone: “I never communicated with any Russian entity, Guccifer 2.0, Wikileaks — I would add the words, ‘or anyone else’ — about distributing or strategically disseminating any stolen emails or data from the DNC.”

Computer Voice: “Is your corrected statement regarding your activities related to the 2016 presidential election completely true?”

Roger Stone: “Yes.”

Palmatier concluded, that “the overall probability that Mr. Stone was truthful” was “approximately 99.9 percent.”

John Palmatier: “Is his story, what he’s been telling us as the public, true?”

7News Producer: “And?”

John Palmatier: “And he did extremely well, to my surprise. I believe that he’s being truthful about those things that we addressed.”

Stone’s attorneys paid $2,000 to have the test done.

Mueller’s team has interviewed Stone’s associates, but Stone says he has not been contacted by the Special Counsel.

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