Dog Danger: Family says negligent groomer caused pet to partially lose ear

Part of owning a pet can mean taking it to the groomer. One South Florida family wants to know why a routine visit turned into a “Dog Danger.” 7’s Omar Lewis has the story.

There’s a special bond between a girl and her dog, and this rescue dog wiggled her way into the Molina family’s heart.

Maryll Molina, Dog Owner: “We brought her in, gave her a shot, and ever since then, we’ve figured that it’s best to give her a home because she’s a really good dog.”

Aubrey Molina, 5 years old: “I love Bailey a lot, a lot, a lot!”

Bailey needs regular grooming. So when a mobile groomer showed up in their neighborhood, they decided to treat Bailey to a day of pampering.

Maryll Molina: “Her hair was growing, and we wanted her to look a little like a little puppy.”

Bailey came home with bows on her ears. Everything was fine until the next week, when the kids took her for a walk.

Aubrey Molina: “It started ripping off her ear.”

Maryll Molina: “Her ear fell off. Like a little piece of her ear.”

Horrified, the family took Bailey to the vet where they got even more disturbing news.

Maryll Molina: “They had told us that she lost half her ear because of the circulation. Like the rubber band was too tight, and then whatever was left, that’s what fell off.”

Her vet said the bows were put around Bailey’s actual ear, and the rubber band cut off circulation to the tip of the ear.

Maryll Molina: “They are supposed to put it on the hair, not the actual ear.”

Vets say dogs can only safely wear bows if they are only attached to the fur.

Maryll called the groomer to tell her what happened, but she blamed them.

Maryll Molina: “She was like that we are the irresponsible ones, that we should have never left the bow on her ear for that long.”

The family filed a report with Miami-Dade Animal Services.

The agency told 7News they had no record of the mobile groomer but that it needed to be licensed.

Lilian Bohorquez, Miami-Dade Animal Services: “They’re operating a business, so they need to file for a business license.”

Animal Services requires all pet groomers in Miami-Dade County to have a business license filed with them every year.

Without a license, mobile pet groomers could face a $225 fine.

Lilian Bohorquez: “It is a civil matter. We would continue to fine them and issue them a warning and let them know that they are operating a business without a license.”

The family isn’t going to sue the groomer. They’re just thankful Bailey’s injuries weren’t worse.

Maryll Molina: “I feel really bad. Like, I see her, and she’s not the same anymore.”

Aubrey Molina: “I feel bad, but now Bailey feels a little bit more better. I feel happy.”

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