(WSVN) - He’s a doctor by day, but by night, he shows a completely different side. The Nightteam’s Kevin Ozebek introduces us to a front line hero who is cooking up a storm on social media. It’s our special assignment report: Doctor’s Orders.

Dr. Alex Morizio (in Instagram Live): “Salute, everyone, salute!”

He’s whipping up everything from the classics…

Alex Morizio (in Instagram Live): “Eggplant Parmesan!”

To more complex gourmet Italian dishes, like saffron-infused homemade tagliatelli.

Alex Morizio (in Instagram Live): “See the sauce and how it is coming together? Beautiful!”

Every Tuesday night at 8 o’clock, Dr. Alex Morizio hits the live button on Instagram and streams Cooking with Al from his South Beach home.


Alex Morizio, Italian chef: “Italians, we find a lot of joy and love in cooking and especially eating.”

This Brooklyn born, second generation Italian American was raised in the kitchen.

Alex Morizio: “You always have to give credit to mom. Mom is always the base of your cooking life, but I learned from dad, too.”

For the past 15 years, Doctor Alex did weekly stand-up comedy gigs as an escape.

Alex Morizio: “They call me ‘Chef Al Dente.’ First name is ‘Al,’ ‘Chef Al Dente.'”

He hasn’t lost his sense of humor, but he did lose his venue once clubs were closed because of the pandemic, so he turned to his Amalfi Coast roots and his love of food.

Alex Morizio: “I still wanted to have fun. I wanted to entertain. I wanted to stay connected with people, so I said let me put Instagram Live on and start cooking.”

Alex Morizio (in Instagram Live): “Let it swim, put it right in there.”

Whether he’s frying up calamari or making meatballs…

Alex Morizio (in Instagram Live): “Holy Trinity: ground beef, ground pork, ground veal. Get ready!”

Doctor Alex says the aim is to boost his viewers’ confidence in the kitchen.

Alex Morizio: “As long as they’re enjoying it, I’ll keep doing it.”

But no one may get more out of this Instagram show than Doctor Alex himself.

His day job is leading the intensive care unit at Palmetto General Hospital.

The past six months have been grueling because of COVID-19.

Alex Morizio: “The patients, obviously when they come into the ICU, they’re really sick. There’s a decent chance, unfortunately, of them passing away. They stay on life support for extended periods of time. It’s rough to watch.”

So once the scrubs can come off and Instagram can be set to stream…

Alex Morizio (in Instagram Live): “Here’s to love!”

Doctor Alex gets the mental breather he desperately needs after a 60-hour work week in the ICU.

Alex Morizio: “My mind is completely clear when I am doing the cooking show. I am not thinking of anything else but how much I am enjoying cooking the food, talking to people on Instagram.”

So for now, ICU rounds will still be his day job.

Tuesday nights…

“I’m just stirring up my penne al la vodka!”

…He’ll devote to Instagram Live, but he definitely has a taste for more!

Alex Morizio: “If Food Network is listening, I’m here! I’m ready!”

Click here to check out Dr. Alex Morizio’s Instagram page!

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