WSVN — She was devastated when her son was killed in a car accident. Then stunned to find out, the driver was a doctor who had 18 traffic citations and has never lost his license.

It’s hard to imagine life getting worse for Vivian Figueras. At one point, she and her husband were very happy raising their son Michael…

Vivian Figueras, son killed: “Unfortunately, when Michael was about 9 years old, my husband developed liver cancer. It was very quick. It was very ugly.”

Vivian raised her son on her own ’til Christmas Eve, when 19-year-old Michael was in a car accident.

Vivian Figueras: “Unfortunately, my son suffered a brain injury and never regained consciousness.”

Michael and his friends were stopped at a red light when police said a Mercedes going 60 miles per hour slammed into them. Michael was rushed to the hospital.

Vivian Figueras: “This can’t be possibly be happening again because my husband had died in a hospital.”

Michael died right after Christmas. Vivian was devastated of course and still is … but mixed with her sorrow is anger — anger at the driver, police say, slammed into her son.

Vivian Figueras: “This person, this individual who is a doctor — a medical doctor with a record … it was not his first rodeo.”

According to the police, the driver was Dr. Richard McLean who has a long list of traffic violations…

Vivian Figueras: “I believe it’s in a span of 10 to 12 years he’s gotten 16 to 18 tickets.”

Eighteen citations in Florida to be exact, ranging from careless driving to speeding … again and again.

Vivian Figueras: “He was issued a ticket for driving 105 in a 65 mph speed zone. Careless driving in 2010, 2009, 2008. Speeding in 2010, 82 in a 60 mph speed zone.”

Further back, in the 1990’s Richard Anthony McLean had three more traffic violations in South Carolina: for speeding twice, and also careless operation of a vehicle.

In most cases, as you can see, the tickets in Florida were either dismissed, or McLean paid a fine and adjudication was withheld … meaning the driver didn’t get any points on his license.

Vivian Figueras: “This person has no concern for the safety of anybody on the road. It’s all about him getting to where he needs to go.”

Vivian has a lot she would like to say to Richard McLean, but she has never met the man who caused the crash.

Vivian Figueras: “He has never come to give me his condolences or to say he is sorry.”

McLean’s license is valid with no restrictions and runs through 2021 with no restrictions. Vivian, who is an attorney, told us she doesn’t expect him to face charges in this accident.

Vivian Figueras: “He is going to get another slap on the wrist. So ultimately, he will be issued another ticket for careless driving and go on about his life.”

Vivian was right. On Tuesday, police told us the investigation has concluded. McLean was issued a citation for careless driving because a spokesman said there was no intent to commit a crime. It was an accident. That makes it 19 traffic citations for McLean in Florida.

We tried to talk to Richard McLean. He didn’t return our calls.

Vivian Figueras: “He destroyed my life and the life of all my family members.”

The only consolation Vivian has comes from something her son Michael did. He was only 19, but he wanted to be an organ donor in case his young life was cut short.

Vivian Figueras: “I could have never possibly image that at the age of 19, he would save five lives. He donated his heart, both kidneys, liver, pancreases and he saved five lives.”

Michael was driven to save other lives. Unfortunately, it was another driver that cost him his life.

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