Crying Fowl

(WSVN) - Ducks are usually described as cute and cuddly, but as 7’s Brian Entin shows us … some local ducks are ruffling some feathers, and neighbors are “crying fowl.”

Nothing says spring like fluffy baby ducks!

Susan Pomerance, dealing with ducks: “Well, everyone loves ducks; kids love ducks, families love ducks. They are really, really cute.”

If you live in South Florida, you either love or hate Muscovy ducks.

Susan Pomerance: “I mean, we must have 50 to 100 ducks living on the three streets here.”

Dozens of ducks with more coming in because Susan says they’re getting free meals from her neighbors.

Susan Pomerance: “I’ve seen some young women carrying canvas bags filled with rice sometimes. I also see piles of bread or corn on their driveways.”

She says all of these ducks are causing a big mess in the neighborhood.

Susan Pomerance: “We have a big poop problem. It smells a little bit; you have to sort of be careful where you’re stepping, and they do a little bit of unintentional damage to the cars.”

She recorded a confrontation with one woman feeding the ducks.

Susan Pomerance: “You’re feeding the birds?”

Neighbor: “Yeah, the poor things have to eat!”

When we were there, we caught a neighbor putting out food. It was for cats, but she defended the ducks.

Virginei Ferret, resident: “And you can see the little babies dead in the street. They want water, they need to eat.”

Fish and Wildlife officials say there is little they can do about duck disagreements like this. It is not illegal to feed them.

But FWC warns feeding will increase the population which puts the ducks and people in danger.

Carol Lyn Parrish, Florida Wildlife Commission: “Because there’s an easy food source for them, they’re gonna all come together, and that is how disease gets spread.”

Susan Pomerance: “Well, we’ve seen a lot of ducks get hit by cars which is really horrible.”

Signs have been put up telling people not to feed them, but clearly the notices are being ignored.

Virginei Ferret: “Because it’s life, you know? Sad, because you want to do something for these animals.”

But Susan wants the neighbors to stop feeding the ducks so they will move on their own.

Susan Pomerance: “We’re all passionate about the ducks. They are really, really cute, and we really want to help them.”

Wildlife officials don’t move the ducks, but they say they are more than happy to come out and educate communities on the importance of not feeding wildlife.

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