Crash Concerns

(WSVN) - She was trained to handle anything by the FBI … But even specialized training wasn’t enough to keep a former federal agent safe in Miami traffic. 7’s Andrew Scheinthal has the story of her crash concerns.

From Alaska to Miami, Marquita has lived an interesting life.

Marquita Greenberg, retired FBI agent: “I am born and raised in Alaska. I grew up in a village, an Indian village on the Yukon River called Tanana.”

She became a teacher, but at 26, the FBI came knocking on her door.

Marquita Greenberg: “He came and asked me about applying as an FBI agent, and I decided I would do this, and that’s what brought me to Florida. I worked as a special agent with the FBI for 13 years.”

She was one of the first women brought on by the bureau – a huge accomplishment, but also a lot of work.

Marquita Greenberg: “We had to do everything the men did, and I did the boxing. And we did a full day of defensive driving training where we would go, and we had routes to go through the cones and everything, learn about defensive driving.”

But even that training wasn”t enough to protect her from this car crash in June.

Marquita Greenberg: “I saw him coming, and I knew I was going to get hit.”

Marquita was hit after leaving her job at the detention center on Krome Avenue.

Police ticketed her for the accident, but she says it wasn’t her fault. She says road construction at the intersection blocked her view.

Marquita Greenberg: “There are big pipes and things, but they make large stacks of them, and it obscures our vision.”

To make matters worse, Marquita says she had been extra careful after watching a co-worker crash at the same intersection.

Marquita Greenberg: “I was right behind the one officer who was leaving. He was hit just like I was.”

And while 7News was there, we witnessed another close call.

Trooper Joe Sanchez, Forida highway Patrol: “Krome was considered one of the deadliest roads in the United States. There was one time that we had anywhere from 12 to 16 fatalities a year on Krome Avenue.”

Since June of 2016, Florida Highway Patrol has responded to six accidents at the intersection of 12th and Krome.

Most were minor, and troopers say construction is making Krome Avenue safer.

Trooper Joe Sanchez: “There’s no doubt that that street today is much, much safer, and we’re saving lives.”

The Department of Transportation did meet with officials at the detention center about the crashes at this intersection but a Department of Transportation spokesperson tells us …

Statement from Florida Department of Transportation: “The team reviewed the area and did not observe any issues following this meeting.”

Marquita says workers at the detention center disagree, and she urges drivers to be careful while Krome Avenue is under construction.

Marquita Greenberg: “I do not want to see anyone lose their life over something that could have been helped and prevented.”

A spokesperson for the DOT tells us they have implemented flaggers to help make the area safer. Marquita went to court to protest her ticket, and it was dismissed by a judge.

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