(WSVN) - Residents of one South Florida neighborhood said they live in fear that an out-of-control car will slam into their homes. It’s happened before, and they’re afraid it will happen again. The Nightteam’s Brandon Beyer shows us their “Crash Concerns.”

Most people want great curb appeal for their home.

Nancy Reichenbach, neighbor: “That’s probably been hit at least four times. They’ve had to replace that.”

But for some Pembroke Pines families, the curb might be too enticing.

Nancy Reichenbach: “You can see her tire marks. Ended up one, two, three, four mailboxes down before she was able to stop her car.”

A few weeks ago, the driver of a white car had to be taken to the hospital after losing control on Sheridan Street. The vehicle crashed through the hedges and flew down this access road before it stopped in front of one of the houses.

Vuong Le, neighbor: “All we heard was a loud ‘Boom!’ so we all ran, and we were like, ‘Oh, my gosh. Another accident.'”

Neighbors said this hedge does little to stop the cars. They want a metal guardrail installed along Sheridan Street, and they have been asking for one for a long time.

Nancy Reichenbach: “It’s been six years.”

A guardrail was installed at the neighborhood entrance last year, but it ends before reaching the section of the road where the accidents are actually happening.

Jay Schwartz, Pembroke Pines City Commissioner: “I’ve asked the city manager to place the item on the agenda as soon as possible, so that the majority of the commission can support the item.”

It took 11 months for the city to approve and build the guardrail. Neighbors said they can’t afford to wait that long this time.

A city commissioner said he has a quicker solution.

Jay Schwartz: “So long as the guardrail placement is under $25,000, city administration is authorized to go ahead and put it in.”

But, when 7News asked the city how long it will take the city to price and install the new guardrail, we did not get a response.

The families hope the city makes a decision before there is another accident.

Nancy Reichenbach: “It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when someone’s going to get seriously hurt.”

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