BSO body cameras capture wild scene after animal cruelty call

(WSVN) - Alarming allegations of animal cruelty in Broward County, and the confrontation that unfolded after deputies arrived was all caught on camera. The Nightteam’s Brian Entin has our special assignment report: Cruelty Concerns.

Deputy (in body camera video): “Why is there blood dripping off his face?”

Ashlie Klinghammer: “Blood?”

Deputy: “There is blood dripping off his face right now.”

Broward deputies were called to State Road 441 near the Turnpike after a 911 call came in about this dog being abused on the side of the road.

Deputy: “What was she doing to the dog?”

Witness: “She was hurting him. She was slamming his head on the ground, and she tried to throw him to the cars.”

A witness said Ashlie Klinghammer and her boyfriend Louis Cook were hurting the dog named Kimbo, and that Cook used this stick to beat the pit bull.

Witness: “And he got that stick right there, and he was stabbing the dog, saying ‘I’m going to stab your ass. I’m going to stab your ass.'”

Body cameras captured the wild scene after the deputies arrived.

Deputy: “Hey, hey, hey, hey, she’s not free to go. She’s not free to go. Hey, hey, hey, hey. I just got bit by a dog!”

Confused and scared, Kimbo bit a deputy, and then Klinghammer tried to take off.

Deputy: “Hey, no! Hey Hey, hey — I’m going to shoot the damn dog.”

Second deputy: “Hey, get back here. Get over here, now!”

Ashlie Klinghammer: “So, why are y’all doing this to me? Why are y’all doing this to me?”

The dog went for the deputy again.

Witness: “Don’t show him fear! Don’t show him fear!”

Kimbo was eventually lured into the back of a police car and Klinghammer was cuffed and arrested.

Judge: “You are charged with count one: torment, deprive, mutilate or kill an animal.”

Klinghammer’s boyfriend Louis Cook was gone by the time deputies arrived but was also charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty.

7News caught up with him at his court hearing.

Brian Entin: “Mr. Cook, I’m Brian Entin with 7News. Did you beat the dog with a stick like police say?”

Louis Cook: “No, sir. I know nothing about that.”

Louis Cook pleaded not guilty and his case is ongoing. A judge found the woman in the video — Ashlie Klinghammer — guilty. She was sentenced to four months in jail and one year probation.

Regina Vlasek, Saving Sage Animal Rescue: “It’s a huge problem. It’s never ending.”

Regina Vlasek is an advocate for animals involved in cruelty cases.

She says it’s frustrating that most animal cruelty charges are classified as misdemeanors.

A new law passed by Congress earlier this month will make certain types of animal cruelty crimes federal felonies, but Vlasek says even the new law is not broad enough.

Regina Vlasek: “It’s a step in the right direction, but it still doesn’t make our local government enforce the laws that are already in place and are made to help animals and to prevent this type of cruelty.”

As for Kimbo, he is last seen in the body camera video in the back of a patrol car.

Brian Entin: “Do you know, is the dog OK?

Louis Cook: “I don’t, I don’t, I don’t want to speak on any of that subject.”

Turns out, a deputy took Kimbo to an animal hospital and then to Broward Animal Care.

He has since been adopted.

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