Badge of Courage: Davie Police officer recovers after being struck by car, passes lieutenant test

(WSVN) - A Davie Police officer is living the motto: “Never give up.” She was almost killed on the job in 2016, and after a hard fight, she’s stronger than ever. The Nightteam’s Brandon Beyer has her story in our special assignment report “Badge of Courage.”

Sgt. Patricia Ravine, Davie Police Department: “Can you please adjust her schedule off on the 13th?”

It might look like a normal day on the job.

Sgt. Patricia Ravine: “Just put in there ‘CIT training.'”

But for Davie Police Sgt. Patricia Ravine, “normal” is a blessing.

Almost three years ago, Sgt. Ravine was hit by a car as she walked along the shoulder of Interstate 75 while trying to help a crash victim.

Sgt. Patricia Ravine: “I don’t remember anything from the time that I actually was struck.”

Davie Police Sgt. Steve Bart remembers in detail.

Sgt. Steve Bart, Davie Police Department: “Vivid memory is hearing the sound and seeing her flying in the air. I saw it happen.”

Sgt. Ravine was airlifted to Broward Health Medical Center with severe head injuries. Her husband and fellow officer, Davie Police Sgt. Shawn Ravine, was by her side.

Sgt. Shawn Ravine, Davie Police Department: “There was a period of time she didn’t recognize me. The first week was touch and go. They told me, ‘I don’t know.’ I mean, every answer was, ‘I don’t know if she’s going to survive.'”

The 10-year police veteran and mother of four went through two surgeries and months of cognitive and physical therapy, fighting every step of the way to get her life back.

Sgt. Patricia Ravine: “I will tell you without a shadow of a doubt the support that I had from my family, my husband — tremendous. My kids … My mom was here helping take care of me, get me back on my feet. It’s just not my personality to give up.”

Four months after the accident, before she was even back at work, she took the test to become a lieutenant.

Sgt. Patricia Ravine: “I took the test probably not at the desire of my physicians, but I think that I needed to know that I was going to be OK. I did pass. I didn’t get promoted, which is fine. There wasn’t an opportunity.”

Six months later, Sgt. Ravine was back on the job doing light duty.

Sgt. Shawn Ravine: “I’ve never met in my life someone more determined.”

By October 2017, she was back in uniform on full duty.

Sgt. Steve Bart: “Most of us would have probably thrown in the towel and taken retirement and gone, but not her. When she’s committed, she keeps going.”

And she did keep going. When the opportunity came up again, Sgt. Ravine retook the lieutenant’s test and finished No. 2 on the promotional list. She’ll be formerly promoted along with 10 other Davie Police officers on Wednesday at Tree Tops Park.

Sgt. Patricia Ravine: “Bad things happen, and if you just don’t give up, you’ll make it.”

As she gets ready for a new chapter in her career, she hopes people will remember her story and pay more attention to police on our roadways.

Sgt. Patricia Ravine: “Whenever I see a story of an officer hit, I just don’t understand. I don’t understand how that happens. You gotta hope that we get the information out as much as we can for people to understand how important it is to move over. You’ve got to move over.”

An important message to keep our officers safe.

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