(WSVN) - A total of 22 million people lost jobs during the pandemic, and with businesses reopening, many view right now as the perfect time to make a career change. 7’s Kevin Ozebek tells how to get “Back in Business.”

Dailys Gonzalez worked for years as a bookkeeper for a construction company, but when COVID hit, she was one of the many millions who lost their job.

Dailys Gonzalez, starting a business: “I was getting unemployment for a while. I was looking for work. It was hard. I never had a problem before.”

But months later, with still no job in sight, she decided to start her own painting business.

Dailys Gonzalez: “The name of the company is called Lady Painters at Work. My goal is to hire girls painting houses and condos.”

Dailys plans to use her contacts in the construction industry to find jobs.

Dailys Gonzalez: “Staying in the same field as I love but not the same job description.”

Using past job experience and contacts are just some of the strategies outlined in a new book called “Career Choreography” by Ken Lindner.

Ken Lindner, career developer: “If you had prior work experience, who are the people who know you? Who know your good work? Who can recommend you?”

Ken is a career developer who has worked with clients like Mario Lopez, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Tom Bergeron.

He says take a hard look at your skill sets, education and background when planning career moves.

Ken Lindner: “Figure out the things that make you special, that make you unique, that you can bring to a prospective employer that puts the percentages in your favor.”

Ken suggests writing a list of what you want out of a career.

Define what you’re good at, but most importantly, try to do what you love.

Ken Lindner: “Dig deep. Think about what you’d like to do with the rest of your life. Figure out what the needs are, and figure out how you can answer and supply whatever is needed.”

Aaron Jean-Pierre is doing just that.

He sells Medicare insurance, but when COVID hit, his office closed, and he worked from home.

Aaron Jean-Pierre, AJ’s Sinnabuns: “It was really, really boring.”

Aaron loves to bake, and to get out of the house, he started delivering cinnamon buns to friends.

Then, he starting posting his “sinfully delicious” buns on Instagram.

Orders came in, and AJ’s Sinnabuns was born.

Aaron Jean-Pierre: “When you start seeing repeat orders come in, that’s when it kind of clicks for you that I’ve got something here that people are not only willing to spend money once but keep coming back week after week after week.”

He was baking in his church kitchen, but now, he is getting his own place and plans to leave the insurance business behind.

Aaron Jean-Pierre: “If you don’t follow your dreams or at least give it a shot, you have to live with regret for the rest of your life.”

Dailys is also getting ready to launch her painting business.

She’s working on marketing and hopes to start booking jobs soon.

Dailys Gonzalez: “I feel it’s moving forward. My hard work is paying off.”

For Aaron and Dailys, the pandemic created career challenges that both found ways to solve. Ken says that kind of creative thinking is another key to success.

Ken Lindner: “With change comes new opportunities. I mean, think about it. That logical set of steps that anyone can take to put the percentages strongly in their favor.”

They are steps that can help anyone get back in business.

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