Accidental Discovery: Father diagnosed with small brain tumor after car crash

(WSVN) - No one wants to be in a car accident, but for one Miami man, an early morning fender bender might have saved his life. The Nightteam’s Kevin Ozebek has our special assignment report: Accidental Discovery.

Alex Morales: “Que bola?”

Alex Morales is counting his blessings and holding his daughter tighter than ever.

All because of a bizarre car accident that happened just before Christmas.

Alex Morales, in car accident: “It was three in the morning. It was a normal day for me. I was just driving to work. Next thing I knew, somebody hit me from behind, and I was spinning.”

The accident happened here at the intersection of Coral Way and Southwest 88th Avenue.

Alex’s car was totaled.

Alex Morales: “The police said maybe from the collision, they could have been doing 90.”

Paramedics rushed Alex to Kendall Regional Medical Center.

Brenda Souza, Alex’s wife: “He was, like, mumbling. He’s like, ‘It’s really hurting.’ He’s like, ‘My head is hurting me.'”

His injuries from the accident were not life-threatening, but during their exams, doctors found something else that was.

Alex Morales: “When they ran the MRI, that’s when they told me they found a low-grade mass.”

Alex was shocked to find out he had a small tumor in the right frontal lobe of his brain.

Alex Morales: “I was like, ‘Wow, I have a tumor. I wasn’t feeling any symptoms. I thought I was as healthy as a horse.”

Six days later, he had surgery to remove the tumor.

In the hospital, his baby daughter Alexandra kept up his spirits.

His stepsons Giovani and Jayden stayed at his side along with his wife Brenda.

Brenda Souza: “His cousin and I started calling it a blessing in disguise because if it wasn’t for the accident, it would have probably been bigger. God forbid it could have been more complicated. He would actually had impairments.”

And another blessing happened at this intersection where the crash occurred.

The family only has one car, so Brenda and the kids usually drop Alex off at work, but that morning, baby Alexandra wasn’t feeling well, so Alex ventured out alone.

Alex Morales: “I thank God that my family wasn’t in the car with me ’cause when I got hit, that’s the first thing I thought about.”

Now, Alex is home recovering.

Brenda Souza: “Does it hurt there?”

Alex Morales: “I can’t feel it there.”

Alex Morales: “The therapy has been helping out a bit, as well. The medication that they’re giving me helps out too so little by little, day by day.”

With a family of five, their one room efficiency apartment is full these days — full of love, hope and gratitude for an accidental discovery that probably saved Alex’s life.

Alex and his family are now waiting for the test results that will tell them exactly what kind of tumor it is.

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